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Full Version: transmission
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nissan terrano

anyone own a nissan terrano tranmission getting hot up into theconsole had a transmission flush they told me nothin wrong with it :?:

Laidley 62 Series

Hi Luke,

Have you got a tranmission cooler on it, or is it just connected to the radiator.

If I were you I would fit the biggest trans cooler I could afford to the front of the radiator, in the taxi industry we used to use both a seperate cooler as well as the radiator one.


Question on my mind is.. is this a new problem or has it been with the car for some time?
Some vehicles tend to run hot and will often need modifications especially when towing, not forgetting that when you modify your 4x4 and start adding items like bull bars, winches and larger tyres you are loading the motor and gearbox up with higher loads than original.