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Full Version: DUAL BATTERY BONNET VENTS FOR $12.00 tested and work
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With a aftermarket turbo and the engine bay full of after market products added over the years i noticed expecially the left front end guard and top of bonnet that hot in 4x4 track condition that fresh air was reguired to add a bit of cooling .Here is a cheap and quick solution .I purchased 2 x 76mm boat deck vents from BCF for $5.95 each and a 76 mm steet hole saw drill for trade tool and with in 45mins it was finished .I remove only one insulation clip on one side so not to drill thru the rib ,after i line it up i found centre and drill a small pilot hole then with a set square and rule in marked same position on opposite side without disturbing insulation.I placed some duct tape around hole just in case . after i cut the 76mm hole i blew all the iron filings away with a garden blower as if they get wet will cause rust stains on your paint.Place vent in hole fins facing foward and cut off to desired length, i placed timber boards on top of batteries to avoid damage from drills , line them both up, drill the 4 holes in each use pop rivets or screws i used 1/8 stainless steel self tapers These vents a white so i wont be painting them.Hope this will be a help to some one dont forget to rust seal bare metal joe


dam good idea and cheap too


That's a good idea Joe. As Adrian said, 'good idea and cheap'.

It'd probably take me a couple of days to get up the courage to use a hole saw on my car. If I made a mistake I couldn't blame anyone else. Smile