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Full Version: Expressions of interest for Sundown National Park
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Hi all,

Just received an email from Darren McElroy, C.A.R.E. Chairperson asking for expressions of interest from clubs who would like to adopt a track or to volunteer with track maintenance within Sundown National Park.

Quote:I have just had a very good conversation with Brett Roberts, Senior Ranger for Eastern Downs, Western Region in relation to Sundown National Park.

Brett would be very interested in talking to clubs in relation to adopting tracks in the area, or clubs going out to lend a hand with some of the works that are still required post the 2011 floods, let alone the further damage that has been received this year.

If your club is interested in helping out at Sundown, please drop me an email with your contact details. Once I have some further information I will let everyone know, and we will possibly arrange a get together with staff to go over requirements etc.

I think this would be a great activity for the club to get involved in. The ranger's really do appreciate the help!

Care Bear


I agree with you Jason. Better to help than be a hindrance...imho.

Sundown is one of the better National Parks when it comes to 4WD and I would love to get involved.
Hi all,

I let Darren know that we are interested in helping out at Sundown anyway we can. When I know more details I will let you know.

Care Bear


i am definatly interested

Talked to darren on saturday there are three clubs interested in helping out. He is looking at a weekend with some reps from each club and QPWS to give a run down what there expections are and what jobs will suit each club.

Let you know more when it happens.