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Full Version: August Bulldust items
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I'm commencing the clubs August newsletter 'Bulldust' shortly.
If you have anything you need included please e-mail me prior to Sunday the 5th August.

As a matter of interest, I've also included a poll asking, 'does the club need a monthly newsletter?'

Bearing in mind everything we need to know (or ask) is available either on the forum or by e-mail.
i.e...trip calender, trip reports and photos, CARE items of interest, classifieds, new members, items of interest for 4wding, camping etc...

There is another club which still produces a monthly newsletter, however, that club doesn't have a forum web site.

My thoughts only, but it seems the newsletter is only a rehash of what's on the forum or e-mails you've already received.


Hello Gang

Call me 'old fashioned' but if a club is what it is a 'newsletter'is part of a club scene

I for one would like to see such a thing to continue only simply to say what we do and what we are all about

It is easier to give out something/printed to new or to be new members

Also by not having a news letter some other clubs could read into it that we are a back of loosers who cannot get themselves together enough to publish or sprout about ourselves and what we do

Also with a newsletter it is just something that could be just left lying around and thus picked up by someone of importance

Something for the Club to ponder..

Should we revitalise the BullDust Magazine if not just in Digital form?
We have the Clubs AGM in less than a week now and positions will be available for many roles in the club - if someone feels like doing some news items each month here is your chance.
I have coppies of my past work and that of others so here is your chance.