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Full Version: Ridge Ryder 12000lb winch - Supercheap
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Guys, I was flicking through the latest Supersheap Catalogue last night and saw the Ridge Ryder 12000lb winch advertised for $549 saving $376. Photo looked like it had wire cable, so I thought it was worth a look for real. Headed out today and walked in and saw one there with synthetic rope, I thought they had the wrong winch in the wrong place. Anyway, I looked over the box and found that they are manufactured by Ningbo Lift Winch Manufacturing Co Ltd. A quick google search indicted that they make Tigez11 winches. They do look the same.

Spec's are; 12000lb single line pull, 6.6hp parallel series wound motor, Dynemema @SK75 (10mm x 28m) rope, auto in the drum braking.

My question is, what do people think about this type of winch, particularly any have one or a Tigerz. I think the price is good. Please no you get what you pay for, sometimes there are some great products with great pricing.

Looking forward to comments.
That's interesting had been following the winche,s at super cheap and Bcf I'm wondering if that company also supply ALDI
Can't be 100% certain, but from what I have read on other forums, is that it is the same winch. On a similar note, I was at a TJM store on Thursday looking at a winch bar, the bar I was looking at had a sticker on it stating 'made in china, to Australian specifications'. Anyway, I was speaking to the salesman and he was showing me the OX brand of winches and said the only difference between the 12000lb and the 9500lb was the gearing, everything else identical, except the price. He went on to say that he couldn't justify the price of a Warn and that even the Aldi winch was a good winch. As with all winches, especially wire rope they need to be maintained on a monthly basis. He said that the cheaper winches usually need to be pulled down on delivery and ensure that there is an adequate and quality (marine grade) grease inside.

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HI All,

As with what you have all said on here it seems that a lot of the 4b winches are made in the same factory and the thought that you need to pull them down and grease them when you first install them is echoed on 4 W D Action.

I am looking at putting a Runva on my 60 series, the thing I like about them is that Runva make their own winches, and I think the motor is 6.5 hp. The other winch I have seen on fleabay was an English one which a bloke at The Gap in Brisbane was selling, the details one it read very well when compared to the cheaper winches on offer, I think it was a Thompson brand but might be wrong there, the Pohms should be capable of making something like a winch I would think, they have been making machines for centuries.

Happy Trails.

I ended up with a Tigerz11 12000lb winch with synthetic rope for $639. There are a few that don't like these but plenty of good comments and I would say they sell them by the container load. Only time and regular maintainance will tell.
daggy Wrote:I ended up with a Tigerz11 12000lb winch with synthetic rope for $639. There are a few that don't like these but plenty of good comments and I would say they sell them by the container load. Only time and regular maintainance will tell.

As some of you may know I have one of the earlier tigers ii 12000lb winches and apart from corrosion from way too much beach drivi and way too little maint on the electrical side almost 3 years on it's still pulling me out:-)

3 years
This sounds like a recovery story. Do tell the details about how you came to use your winch in anger. Especially the part where " I saw these tracks and I thought ...."
Yep a self recovery on Fraser is what I was at!
We were driving to the cape light house, at the first crossing was a few cars bogged, I pulled up to help and got bogged myself as the sand was very soft!
We hooked the winch up to a small tree over a hill to give it more strength, and Narelle drove as I operated the Winch remote.
The Winch pulled the car all the way up to the hard stuff, unhooked and all was good the remainder of that trip.

Only got bogged one more time, in this case I dropped the tyres to 15PSI and drove out, but had to take them back up to 25psi as it was like running on flat tyres and not sounding too good.. considering my operating pressure is 50 to 60psi it's all a matter of proportion.

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HI Darryl,

After you noted that the Ridge Ryder winch was so cheap in price what was the tipping point for you going to the Tigerz 11 ?.

@ Pete, You must be running light truck construction tyres to be running 50 / 60 pounds pressure in your tyres, what brand are you running, I currently have Maxis 751s on 31x10.5 x15s on my 60 series and their max pressure under load is 55 pounds.

I am looking at putting Federal Couragias A /Ts on mine in 285 x 75 x16s. The federals are very keenly priced and I can get them here in the Lockyer.

How does the Troopy handle on those pressures.?

Happy Trails.

The tyres I am running on are the ones they are shipped with from the factory and are made in Japan.
I think it handles fine but have never really run it on anything else other than some Muddies that are also tube tyres running on split rims.
I can tell you one thing, the AT tyres I am on handle better than the muddies in the sand!
Will check the brand and edit this post when I remember or check what they are Wink

What I love is the price, $160 each including rim and tube, taken straight off a new vehicle so it can be kitted up for mine spec!
Seems split rims have a somewhat undeserved bad reputation in the mines - but who cares why it makes my replacements very cheap 8-)

Regarding the Ridge Ryder and not purchasing. I went with the Tigerz11 because I was able to purchase through my local 4WD retailer (Torq 4x4). After some discussion in relation to break downs. If for instance the winch breaks at Cooktown, I can contact Torq at anytime day or night, they will source the parts and ship them to the next town. I guess Super Cheap wouldn't be able to do this for me.

Hope this helps.

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@ Pete,

Thanks for that I had a set of 750 x 16 split Toyota whees on my G pack 60, I still have them and have considered if it was better to go back to them, the 750 x 16 do run at a higher pressure as they are L/T construction.

@ Darryl.

That is as good a reason as any and after sales service is a rare commodity these days, I am thinking of getting a Runva winch and I will be asking about service back up as well. Luckily I will going to the cape with a group of 60 and I know there will be a fair few winches among them.

Happy Trails.

Hi David

Regards the Runva, Torq4X4 stock and sell this brand, they currently have a special on the EWX9500 with synthetic rope for $599 (pick up). The club is going to their store and workshop on 8 December 2012 for a look around and a BBQ lunch. Come along and have a look.

I have no association with the business, just found Murray and Dave great blokes to deal with and prepared to take on the big boys.