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Full Version: Sundown National Park - Meet the Rangers
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Last Saturday 25th August was Meet the Park Rangers time for the Sundown NP area, Jason & I represented our club, the Ipswich 4WD club was represented by Lenny M, Arron C & Ian F, Darren the Association CARE organiser was also in attendance.
Many topics were covered that often ventured into areas other than Sundown including places such as Fraser island, we also covered some of the more sticky subjects such as chain saws and general track clearing while out on drives, one thing that was promoted by Parks was the desire for us to not be cutting in new tracks when clearing a track of track repairs can be done as the last thing they want to see are multiple spurs leading up hills and around obstetricals.
On one of the 4WDA forum a thread is currently active asking the question of clearing trees that have fallen on tracks - the answer to this is simple - if possible clear the tree even to the point that a chain saw can be used but you must have a valid license to use it.

The actual meeting was held in the southern end of the park, no idea why as there are ZERO 4WD tracks that can be used in this end, plus the main discussion was centered around the Northern end, in particular the original park entrance track.
The track in question is still able to be used but is no longer maintained by parks and for this reason it has been suggested we arrange a working bee to clear the overgrowth and do some track maintenance.. quite a task but if we can arrange a combined working bee I think it's still possible.

As I said earlier our meeting was on the southern end of the park, Jason and Daren had to return home but the three Ipswich boys and myself camped at the Broadwater camping area for the night, next morning we packed up early and headed straight towards the northern end of the park where the Burrows camp ground and Rats castle play areas exist (the location we should have met in!!)

As we entered the park we decided to try out the track that the Ranger suggested. We were told this track was not fully passable and was heavily overgrown so we took it on face value that we may have to turn around and head back the way we came, further and further we pushed into the bush and while it was challenging at times and a little pin-striping may have happened the track is fully passable and actually quite a lot of fun!
To try and build a picture it's filled with rocky outcrops, washouts and heaps of articulation trials, over hanging trees, water crossings and the odd mud pit.. none of what you guys would be interested in... right? to think the Ranger told us that he would not take a 4WD into this area... not even a work vehicle... sorry mate we did and had a ball!

After checking out the Red rock gorge we headed back towards the Burrows camp grounds for lunch then onto Rats castle loop for a bit of play time..
Needless to say we all had an enjoyable time and we will be back - the question is when and just how many people can we gather to help?

There still needs to be some communications with the Rangers regarding the work needed and some of us need to sort out Licenses for the use of chain saws, also anyone involved in the work needs to become a volunteer for parks but when all this has been arranged I expect to see some of you out there helping.
Peter, I for one am most intested in Sundown. During the time that I lived in Stanthorpe, never once did I venture into the park. Quite possibly as I was between 4WD's at the time. I still have family living in the area and regularly head down there (Stanthorpe) for weekends. Still haven't made it to Rats Castle!!! To be able to put something back into these areas and keep them open, I am certainly interested in helping out.
Hi all,

To help us with organising this could you let us know if you hold a level 1 chainsaw certificate. I do, plus I have the PPE to go with it.



I have none of the above.

Yep I am in the same situation so I guess we are going to need to look into what options we have to obtain this!
I dare say that most of us who don't work with gear like this in our professional life's will need to do something about that and many other things..
All this are matters that we need to sort out and soon.

ross and cher

Another $100 or so certificate no doubt ... still at least it keeps the trainers employed...

Depending on timing and getting appropriate certificates, I'd be keen on Sundown & hopefully will drag Cher along (kicking and screaming)
Just did a quick google on Cert 1 chainsaw. Cheapest was a 1 day course at $125, most others are 2 days at $225.