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Full Version: Fraser Cleanup Fri 10th, Sat 11th to Mon 13th June 2011
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Hi All

Fraser clean-up this year starts on Friday the 10th and finishes Monday the 13th.

Most of our group are heading up Friday morning, I think we will be heading up late Friday hopefully arriving in time to catch the barge to the island, if not I guess it will be first thing on Saturday..

Photo's and Trip report will follow - once we return.

If you are on the island but not part of our group please say hi when you see us, I will be the one in the Troopy - lol
Our club sits on UHF CH28 so give us a call.

One more sleep before we all head up to Fraser!
Most of the club are meeting north of Brisbane, Narelle and I will be departing Brisbane around 1:30pm Friday - hopfully making the island before 5:30pm when the barge closes for the day.

Welcome to Trish and Tom who will be joining us for the event, I look forward to sharing some drinks around the heat beads (LOL) to no fires on the island :-)


Hi Pete,

Did you guys go to Fraser? I tried to keep an eye out for RC4 Club peeps at the Sunday evening event but alas didn't see or hear you???

As usual the NBS club were busy 4x4ing all over so didn't get a lot of time to enjoy our lovely camp site at Durangburra and very nearly floated back to the mainland on Monday afternoon as we left the run south just a fraction late (ended up taking inland track - thankfully!). Little Zook did great and can't wait to go again next year.

Hope you guys had a marvelous time too.

Angel (): )
Hi Angel

Yes we were camped only about 600m from the party site so were able to walk down without the worry about drink and drive!
Our clean-up area was actually around the area you were camping, but as we only had several cars joining in with the clean-up I guess we were easy to miss.
I was hoping one of the trip participants could post a trip report but if not I will asap.
Trip Report,
Johnny Navara Has asked me to post this report up, I was going to edit it but Johnny has a writing style that is unique and needs to be left intact.

Fraser Clean Up 2011

At the end of 2010 at the usual QA reps meeting the question was raised about the 2011 cleanup
It was shouted that let it wait until 2011 so it did
In January 2011 after much word throwing for a date it was set to be June long weekend
The reason behind this date was because January is no longer a three day happening and May day was pencilled in for the cooroobee and Anzac Day was attached to Easter and a big Anzac service was being held at Waddy
Thus an executive decision was to be needed and hence made
With this in mind I checked my work rooster and submitted a request for the dates involved and all should be OK which eventually proved to be correct and thus I was off as usual so off I can go
I was of the hope that ‘wiffy Glenda’ would come as before but because it was to be in June she said that go by yourself and have a good time as it was just to cold
I believe that she has now lost her sense of adventure
I put the news of the trip to the River City gang and we were set to roll
So days rolled on and it was time for the trip
We all agreed to meet up at the Ettamotta Pub at the Caloundra turn off early Friday morning and all was well
I rolled in the find Bennie P in his mighty red Lada already there wondering the shops
Next came Victor C with Nigel and Vicky soon after Gwen and Jonathan
Gwen had car issues and all decided to load up the silver V8 and a quick change of cargoers was done all we all rolled north
The plan was to turn off into Cooroy but only our luck but Victor got stuck behind a van that he thought was that of N&V but it was not and he finished up following them as far north as Pomona before he realized his error
We finally all got together thanks heavens for CB’s
On the desert trip of 2010 at Dalhousie springs we met a guy from Tewantin in the water who told us he was the ferry man on the Noosa river crossing
So I drove on and paid my money and he said good to see you again what a man who could remember a bloke like me
We rolled along the bitumen and onto the beach for our run north past the Teewah coloured sands which I have not done for several years and it was most enjoyable
Our plan was to use the Freshwater road across to Rainbow
Nig says that V8 power will never let you down but he was wrong as he bogged the silver machine in talcum powder sand (mother nature strikes again)
The mighty navara tried hard but now good in the recovery effort but VC in his mighty Triton had the situation solved after a few attempts so thanks again
A pleasant and nice drive eventually got us into Rainbow
As you do find at Inskip there is a defined track across and straight into/onto the barge
We crossed with a most pleasant gentle rock and onto the beach
Nig in his mighty V8 took off and decided because of the incoming tide that the inland road was the only way north
It is said that mishaps can happen more than once and it did with the silver machine sinking into the soft stuff and with the recovery knowledge gained VC was again called back into action and a quick outing was done
Our allocated camp ground directions were a bit vague in the direction department but after some CB chatter we had reached the area for us which turned out to be just to the north of Eurong resort and that was just great
After all of the day’s excitement nobody was super keen to cook up a feed so snacks were the go mine was a vegemite sandwich with a big drink of milk
Soon after P&N cruised in what else do Toyota’s do
Troopie informed us that his new friends Tom & Trish were coming and should be us early am Saturday
So all off to bed to dream about our day of excitement
Saturday dawn soon arrived and as leader I had the need to register our existence
Peter told me what T&T were driving and whilst doing the rego a 200 series rolled up and I soon was chatting with our new members
I gave them directions of our camp
After intros’ all was good
After group decisions it was decided that a run north was the go and Sandy Cape lighthouse was to be our aim
We crossed Indian Head up and over Middle rocks and out onto the beach north of Waddy heading for Nglara rocks an area that has caused us to have ‘interesting situations’ and not to be disappointed Troopie did bog himself but after some vehicle adjustments (letting tyres down all was good and north travel was once again happening)
Every time I go up to this place my might Navara has a situation and this trip was not so different
My steering wheel developed a wobble just like in central Australia
We exchanged ideas but kept going to the cape a most pleasant and magnificent part of the world
My problem was a build up of wet sand inside my front rims and a quick scape with the hand all was removed and the wobble was gone
At the light house road it is walking only but 1.2 k’s but up hill all the way
What else do you do but just start off slowly and finally the top was reached
Because it was drizzling rain not much of a view could be had but the excitement of doing the walk was good enough
So what else is to do once you have reached the top but to just walk back down
We all got back and all started to have a feed as you do at sandy cape
We lunched and left not knowing what was to happen
The beach at this place was littered with washed out and collapsed trees
I made it around closely followed by VC
But the others had not been so lucky and the tide/water had risen from about a foot to several feet in just a few waves in which presented a problem
Me and VC were at one end and the others still to come
After much chatter the others all decided to wait out the tide and to let ourselves head back to camp
By all accounts this was the best course of action as the remainers all had plenty of food water/drinks and shelter and themselves
VC and myself headed south some 100 kilo’s away
We conquered Nglara Waddy Middle and Indean all before night fall
But night blackness soon overtook us and we had a night drive to deal with
But with careful driving and a great amount of sense our camp was reached
Back at camp all three of us (me-vc-ben) did not feel much like cooking so off to Eurong resort for the $22 all you can eat buffet
The food was good I had soup-roast meat and vegies followed by apple crumble and hot custard and then a bowl of triffel all washed down with about a pint of coke
We got our value for money
VC got chatting to a guy from NZ who told us he did not want to camp in the rain so he just booked into the resort instead
He told us of the breakfast deal but more of that later
After our feed we headed back north to camp (only 6.5 k’s away) but what a drive in that weather
Put on the way back to camp earlier we did a detour into Happy valley store but we were told that the store and pub were no longer what a shame
We had set up our club banner with some solar garden lights which turned out to be a blessing
We sat around for a while discussing our situation but after we ran out of words we headed off to bed
At about 11-30 a blaze of lights roared in and it was none other than Troopie followed by Nig and then T&T
They all said that that drive was one of their most memorable since central Australia
We exchanged stories and all was well so all of to bed for the second time
So Sunday dawn arrived and it was time to do what we were there for to clean up and collect rubbish
Our allocated stretch of beach was running north from K’gari camp ground
We started and in about 5k’s we managed to fill some 50 bags and collect a varied of other large things
Also allocated to our stretch was the Caloundra club who we eventually came across and what else do good clubbers do but exchange niceties
After a quick trip to the Dundaburra rubbish site and back to get another load and to dispose of it
We got back to camp for lunch
Myself P&N & Ben all decided to do the Fraser thing and have an ice cream as you do up there
We rolled back into camp and I started on the paperwork whilst the others entered into a game of beach cricket
The enthusiasm was equal to that of any England Australia test match with a variety of hittings and equal amazing catches with a hat catch by Tim the most amazing
Each year the QA assn put on a concert for the comers to say thanks for the effort and because our camp was only 600metres north of the area we all just walked to it but out on the beach it is just an amazing sight to see the line up of vehicles
Tanya Kwerrigan was the headline act and my favourite song was called ‘out on the nine mile run’
But the music was most enjoyable
We sat and enjoyed the feed
All to soon it was back to camp and time to count the Zd’s
We sat around and chatted and all decided to try out the all you can eat breakfast back at Eurong
For only $6 I had a glass of juice (yuck unsweetened ) a big bowl of corn flakes-4 slices of toast and honey washed down by two glasses of moo (milk)
As I had been invited to a ‘birthday doo’ in Bris I had to leave early
So the others arrived and I thanked them for coming along and expressed my apologies for my early departure
The ‘doo’ was for a good mate who I first meet back in January 1970 when I first started in the then PMG so I just could not refuse
I motored out onto the beach sped up flicked it into 2wd and roared south
The beach was wide as the gold coast highway
All the time running south I only saw two tour buses heading north was a lovely drive all by oneself
I rounded hook point and onto the barge pick up spot
I found another navara with caravan attached waiting so I just said hello (a Nissan thing)
Those nissans are everywhere
I drove on and was the only passenger when we left to cross over but two sets of light appeared in the east and the captain spun around and the cargo number rose to three
The road into rainbow from inskip can only be described as a shocker it takes just so long
At the round about I found the road to the underbelly car wash
I read the instructions wrong and was of the idea I could only get underneath done but for the same money I could get an all over so I did
My car looks spiffy and a pose machine with all of the signs of my weekend adventure just washed away
After this it will be only my story to tell not a sign to prove it
So with a rumble in my belly it was off to the bakery for a yummy cupcake as this is a must to do at rainbow
So my trip home was calling but as with my luck I ran up against a slow moving Toyota but he turned off but my luck ran out again as I came across a motor home bus but he had by this time collected a convey but he was a good guy and pulled over to let us all cruise by
Nice drivers like that are rare so I tooted as I went past just to say thanks
By this time my fuel gauge was getting lower and with ay calculations running wild as I reached Gympie it was decided to do a splash and dash but Caltex servo was like a mad house but the BP was nice with friendly lady running the checkout
But trying to get out was a night mare but soon overcome
My run south was most enjoyable and the next stop was the traffic lights at Beams Rd at Carseldine
I rolled into my mates place and discovered all was in full swing and I met serval old mates that I had worked with many many years ago
Back home to Ferny Hills to clean up the memories
All that now can be said that it was a very very good trip to a just wonderful part of the world with the utmost best people that can be found anywhere and also the fact that we did something that was just good

Johnny N
Trip Leader Fraser Clean Up 2011

The following is a short story and photo's taken by myself, also has been posted on the 4WDA Forum;

Well we are home, car is unpacked and about to be washed - hosed out, yet another layer of sand from Fraser on the front lawn!

It was a good trip and the last two days were fantastic with no rain and even a nice warm sun, even went swimming on the west coast!

Firstly my largest hate on this Island - Road Closure I have to ask WHY?
[Image: smallIMG_8014.jpg]

The wreck looks like it's sinking into the sand.
[Image: smallIMG_8005.jpg]

on our First free day we headed up to the Lighthouse, this rock crossing was the hardest part we came across - easy!
[Image: smallIMG_7918.jpg]

[Image: smallIMG_7928.jpg]

[Image: SmallIMG_7942.jpg]

This was our camp site
[Image: SmallIMG_7972.jpg]

The Cleanup

[Image: SmallIMG_7962.jpg]

[Image: smallIMG_7949.jpg]

[Image: smallIMG_7951.jpg]

[Image: SmallIMG_7968.jpg]

The Party

[Image: smallIMG_7988.jpg]

The Rubbish - just one of the bins

[Image: smallIMG_8000.jpg]