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Full Version: Forum design please tell me what you think!
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Over the past year or two since I developed the Forum I have had a few people tell me it's hard to navigate Confusedhock:

What I need to know is why :?

You may have noticed a few things changed last night, I stayed up a bit to tidy the forum up, some things were either moved or removed, entire sections fo rhte forum were deleted and posts were mostly relocated into areas I felt better suited the location.
I have also changed the forum permissions to exclude some areas from being edited by Board members, but have added some of you to the Club Admin role, if you feel this is something you would prefer to not me in please let me know, it dose give you some god like powers on sections of the forum.

There are a few sections of the forum that are for read only access, places where documents are to be placed such as application forms or our constitution.
I would prefer for those of you that do have the ability to create an entry in these areas to keep it clean as it's not an area for posting general chit chat and should only ever be used to remove or update an entry, or to add something that is not currently in there.

Finally the entire web page/forum is able to be adapted to better suit our requirements but currently what you see in the way of graphics and basic design is what you get, it's a predefined layout from the people at php the forum creators.
I would love to change the layout to incorporate more features but my experience in this area is limited and I am certainly no web designer so if any of you are prepared to put some time into creating new pages or have a fried that would do it for a low cost please don't stay quiet.

Remember this is your forum, I only set it up for the club to use and grow!
while I am happy to keep managing and running it I would appreciate both your constructive input and assistance.
So if you feel it could be better please develop a layout and I will work with you to see if it can be implemented.

ross and cher

Its clean, simple and functional, so probably doesn't need too much messing with Pete :ugeek:


Like it Pete very easy to use Smile
I really used to struggle with the design, then I found two of the most useful buttons in the internet, 'Board Index' and "View Unread Posts', now I am happy Big Grin . It's not that hard to navigate once you know how.

My only complaint, as discussed previously, is the trip planner can be a little hard to read, and not to mention it can get lost within the posts. I just bumped it back to the top. Probably the most important document for those that are looking at joining the club. Can it be made a sticky to stay in its rightful place.
Ok I have created a special place for the planner, that is until we get an online version..