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Full Version: Mt Mee Tree Planting
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Hello Peoples

Sometime ago a tree planting event was requested for the Mt Mee NP on 17th November

But lately it was heard that it was on the 26th

But confirmation has been received from Darren McElvoy of the QA about this date

He apologies for the mix up as QPWS got it wrong and it is defenitly on the 17th

More details as they come in


In regards to the Mt Mee doo

Are we meeting up somewhere beforehand and all rolling in together or do we just roll up by ourselves

Hello Gang

For those of you are not northsiders I can help out with getting to Mt Mee

There is only one servo in Dayboro

I can meet up with any not so sures at about say 7-30am

Just let me know