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Full Version: Sundown Questions
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Hello Peoples

I have a few questions about this trip /activity

Who he going down
So where are we alll meeting up
If on Friday where and when
If Saturday where and when
If leaving Friday what time
If coming Saturday only what time are you leaving
When we get there where are we meeting in the park and where are we camping
Are people just coming for saturday only or just for sunday only
Are we doing any drives around to play
Are we leaving as one or a group
I have a suggestion for sunday lunch (The Nobby pub) on the way home
Also do we need to bring tools
As it is a work party do we need any special items clothing gloves visi vests footwear

Hi Johnny,

As far as i am aware yourself, pete, wade, troy (new member) and myself are attending. Pete is travelling out after work friday night. Wade, troy and myself are planning on travelling out on friday as it's our rdo's and staying for the weekend. We haven't worked out what time or place to meet yet will talk to them about it at work tomorrow.

I think the plan was to camp at red rock gorge, as it's close to the worksite.

I'm sure we will go for a drive/play in the park.

Bring any tools that you think you may need for track work eg. shovel, loppers, bar. Safety gear bring gloves and workboots.

Johnny i will send an email to the guy you got the email address from and see what plans ipswich have.