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Full Version: Temporary Restricted Beach Access on Double Island Point
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Hi all,

Just received this notice regarding beach conditions at Double Island Point.




does not sound good at all
That section of track has been difficult and narrow for a least the past 12 months, longer I think. I remember getting bogged in soft white sand about 100 metres from the beach with about the same distance to Leisha Track only 12 years ago. And before that I remember when there was a camp ground on that side of Double Island Point.
Oh well I guess it's going to add a bit of fun to my trip today!
My Current plan is to head north sometime this morning after getting a few things sorted, hopefully getting on the beach before too late, returning home Tuesday.
Will have to take some photo's of all this and more :-)
Keep an eye on the water, with a cyclone up north you never know how it will effect the swell. Good luck with the ferry, One of my trips home was a Sunday with Monday public holiday, happy days driving down the beach with a 2 hour wait to get to the ferry. Hopefully it's not like that.
Bugger beach closed !!
Slumming it near noosa with Dave & Toni in a villa

ross and cher

In the current weather, probably a good result Pete
Yep my camping trip got cancelled!

I spent Thursday night camping in the rain on the beach! It rained all darn night!
Friday I met up with Dave and his family who was to go camping with me, he owns the company Fortified Finance and for any 4WD Action followers he is known as Ferrial Dave,
The booked a Villa in Noosaville, I went back to brave the weather and got turned around by the Ranger as the beach was closed, so I ended up bunking up in their spare room for the night.
Saturday night we went back over to North Noosa via the free bus and had Dinner with Glenn Haddon from Roo systems (another 4WD Action DVD person) and his Family, we ended up at his holiday house for the night after a night drinking..

This morning around 10am we headed back over the river except there was a huge delay with all the campers trying to get of the North Noosa side and the river had broken the banks and the ferry was only minutes from being shut down!
Not only this but the bridge to Noosaville was closed so we had to take the long way around, I then set off home driving in blinding rain taking several times longer than it normally dose as we had to drive quite slow.

But now I am home and while not unpacked am under a mostly dry roof.. slight leak in the foyer!!

So it looks like my original prediction of rain Came true!

ross and cher

Pete + camping = rain

Makes more sense than e = MC2 and a whole lot more predictable, lol