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Full Version: Tyres - help!
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I'm in the market for a new set of tyres. I hopefully have whittled them down to Mickey Thompson MTZ or ATZ 4 rib, Cooper ST Maxx or Summit Mud Hog. Tyres will be 285 70 17 and I'm looking for 6 of. I am particularly looking for some reviews on the Summit tire they are pretty cheap at about $280 each fitted where the other are around $460. Any info is good.


Have you looked at the Maxxis same as what i have on my truck i have had a good run on them on to my third set over two trucks and they should come in cheeper then the coopers or micky t's but bit deerer then the summit only issue i have had with them was my own fault for not whatching where i was driving at the time mine were about the 360 to 380 mark from memory.

from what i have seen with coopers i would steer clear of them have seen a few them just disintergrate shorly after being fitted one gent i know of fitted 6 new ones and took ofr cape york only to have three them come apart on the main dirt road and then had to wait for a few days for warrenty replacements in weipa.

micky t's i have heard nothing bad about them other then the price being exxie as for the summit never heard of them!

hope some of that helps.


I use MTZ'S the are very quiet on the bitumen and work well offroad,, yeh but a bit dear,,
Adrian I have been interested in the Maxxis for ages but when I got a price the other day they are $45 each cheaper than MTZ which were the dearest for what I was looking at. They are a good tyre but need to be about another $50 less each to play with the yanks. As for Coopers I too have heard nothing but bad things about them and was steering well clear of them. However, the new ST Maxx is apparently a whole new tyre, different rubber and tread pattern a 50/50 they are rated. I can't find a bad word about these and they've been on the market for about 2 years.

Grant, thanks I have heard nothing but good things about the MTZ. The only question is how do the go in the wet on the bitumen, that's were nmost say they let you down. But, that could come down to driving style, it's a Patrol not a sports car.


dry or wet they hangon really well,, my 2.8l wont power slide but ive gone into roundabouts with way to much speed and the tyres are very predictable and havnt had any understeer probs,, after 30,000 of hard work they havnt worn much and they arnt getting a rippled outside edge seen on a lot of other tyres, they do get rotated alot to,, have been out with weatherman plenty of times he uses a goodyear wrangler I think, it seems to be a real good offroad tyre,, the only time the tyres vibrate is just as you come to a stop and its only minor,,, I run 36 psi and they have a comfy ride,, they dont bag out untill less than 18psi, but they are a 315/75/16 so they have heaps of sidewall,,a friend of mine has an 80 series wgn with 285/75/16 and is really happy with them wet and dry on bitumen as well,,I had some maxxis bighorns on a pajero before and I like them, great offroad tyre but noisy on bitumen and started to wear a bit quick,,,
Called into Discount Tyres, Boyland Ave, Coopers Plains today and had a look at the Summit Mud Hog in the flesh. A pretty good looking tyre manufactured in Indonesia and from Summit Tyres in America. In the size that I am looking at they are a 3 ply side wall and 10 ply tread, just like the other American tyres I'm looking at. At $265 each fitted and balanced, it's going to take a bit to talk me out of them. The tyre place has been selling them for 6 months and nobody has come back whinging about them. He sees them on a Navara every 5000k for a rotation and says they've done 30,000k and still look new with no chipping.


be interesting to see how they go on your truck daggy at that price they could be the next new thing LOL very interesting

Laidley 62 Series

Hi All,

The Summit tyres come out under the Sumitomo tyre brand company, the size I will be looking for my 60 series 285 x 75 x 16 are about $ 240 each, it seems Tyrepower sell them as well.

There is a good write up on them on Patrol 4x4 group.

I was looking at Couragias but these seem a bit cheaper and compareable to the Federals. At that price you could afford two sets of these for one set of the name brands, with the Mickey Thompsons and the Coopers coming out of the same factory there are probable more good brands out there without the big price tags.

Happy Trails.

Decision made, hopefully 285 70 17 Summit Mud Hogs will be fitted to the Patrol on Monday. Purchased through Torq4x4 who have been able to source these tyres at the same competitive price as other dealers. I'll start a new thread on these with real life user comments once fitted.

More good comments heard today about these tyres, quite on the highway, great offroad and one vehicle using them is expecting a minimum of 60K from them, not to bad for a budget priced mud tyre.

My first use of them will be at Janowen, bring it on.


We are starting to see quite a few tyre brands that may not be familiar but are long standing quality makers....with so many of the big established tyre brands manufacturing in the Asia and China these days, the Philipines and Indonesia arent bad countries of origin......particularly if the company is trying to compete withe the big brands.....they have to pull something out of the bag to keep selling

The Cheng Shin Rubber Company....makers of Maxxis is one of the largest and most diverse tyre manufacturers (actual manufacturers) in the world and has been arround since the late 60s....

Sumitomo baught out the parent companies shares in Dunlop Japan back in 1963 and renamed the company Sumitomo Rubber Industries.
Sumitomo is closely linked with Goodyear and manufactures some of its tyres.

Nankang have been arround since 1959 and arent to shabby either.

With some of the Confusedhock: problems that have been experienced with the major western brands these and similar makers are worth more than a look.

Tyres settled. Today I had the Summit Mud Hog in 285 70 17 fitted to the Patrol. They look even better when mounted on a rim and sitting on the truck. Only drove them about 10 k's home and on first impression I expected them to be a lot noisier. In reality only marginally noisier than the aggressive road tyres I was running. I'll start a thread about them in the next couple of days, when I get some pic's.

Purchased through Torq4x4.


Hy Darryl,

After paying a visit to Murray ( torq 4x4), very kind fellow ! I think I m following u soon and mount 4x285/74 R16 MUDHOG [/b]( good price-good look !) - Yours are R17 , aren t they ?

I just worried if on bitumen they are not too noisy , apparently no ?

How are they in sand ?? (I like sand tracks and beaches !!)

I have a question concerning the rims too if somebody could advise !

At moment I have alloyed rims and i was thinking maybe to mount new tyres on steel rims (cheap price ones too !)
I can see the advantage to keep 2 different sets of wheels , e.g for a long trip during holidays, on bitumen road, could preserve my MUDHOG tyres - (But i m a bit lazy to often exchange set of wheels !!!)

What do you think about alloyed rims for MUDHOG and MUD ?
Understood that steel is more convenient in rocks especially but never met somebody who has broken his alloyed rims .....

Thanks to have your return of experience !!!
Hi Marc
I heard from Murray that you stopped by and had a chat Big Grin

Yes mine are 17" and mounted on the GUIV alloy rims. I looked at the option of having a set of alloy road rims and steel for offroad, but my issue was I don't have the room to store 5 or 6 off road tyres, I also thought what if I go for a drive and see a track and I've got my road tyres on, I could possibly miss out on a drive. I kept the Nissan alloy as these are supposedly quite a capable rim, however I do have two spares if the inevitable happens.

As for the Summit Mud Hogs. When I did the research I couldn't find a bad word about them and for the price (285 70 17 at $265 each) I couldn't go passed them.

Now I've only had them for about 3 weeks and driven less than 1000k's. My first trip was to Janowen Hills, with the usual are these noisy, I drove with the windows done at 100k's trying to hear the muddy hum, it's there but only just. In all honesty they are not that much noisier than my old super non aggressive all terrains. Running pressure at 38psi.

On the tracks at Janowen, with a mixture of rock, gravel, dirt and MUD (black, sticky and apparently [hey Mick] bottomless mud) I ran them at 20psi. Never having had a mud tyre before I can't compare them with anything else however other then the times that I stalled the car (driver error) I thought they performed faultlessly. They have a nice aggressive side biter that I used on a number of number of holes to use the side of the hole and drive on the sidewall. Went through some slippery and, when other were stuck in it, deep mud, I could feel the wheels spinning but then finding traction. I will admit that for most of this I was the first vehicle through, so I may have broken the ice, so to speak.

I do recall my first trip to Janowen on all terrains when I found a more wet than mud patch and the vehicle immediately started to slip and slide all over the place, there was none of this with the Summit Mud Hogs.

I will comment on the road handing characteristics in the wet as that's all I've driven in over the past couple of weeks. Again, I usually on drive about 10k's a day to and from the train station, I also tend to drive like Miss Daisy as I understand that the Patrol doesn't have the go and stop of an F1 car. However on Saturday I drove over to Samford, that was an hour long drive both ways in the heavy rain that we had on the day. This included sections of 100k freeway to 70 and 60 zones of winding hilling country coming into Samford. Not once did it feel like these tyres were going to let go on the bitumen.

So far, I am really happy with these tyres and have no complaints. The situation may change in the future, but at half the price of the American tyres I couldn't be happier and that's another reason I run them as my everyday tyre.

Would I recommend them? Yes.

Now for the old alloy v steel debate. I won't get into this one, I think it's a personal choice and there is some great argument on both sides. Both have there advantages and disadvantages. The one thing I will say is don't compromise on the quality of the steel wheel, the price difference isn't that much and like an alloy you don't want it to fail in the middle of nowhere as that's where we usually want to be.

Marc, long winded but I hope it somehow helps.


Thanks Darryl

Long but interesting !

Think I ll move on same way than you very soon !