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Full Version: Troopy measurements
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I have attached a PDF document with dimensions of a Troop Carrier - partly for someone in a different forum but it may be useful to others in our group given we do have a few Troopies  Wink

This is a link to my mod photos;


Alet Nortje

Good morning Peter, I have just bought my first Troopy (in South Africa) and we are planning on modifying it to be able to do an overland trip from Cape Town to Europe. I am keenly interested in the PDF document you mentioned with dimensions for the Troopy, although I cannot seem to open or download the file. Will it at all be possible to email it to me at [email protected]?

It will be very much appreciated!!!
Kind regards from Cape Town
Alet Nortje
Hi Alet,

I have corrected the fault that stopped you from downloading the files and added a few more.
Let me know if it still fails.