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Full Version: Sundown NP working Bee 10,11,12 May 2013
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We are planning a working Bee weekend out at the Sundown NP to do a little bit of track clearing on the old entry road.

I am looking at heading up Friday meeting at the Shell servo at Aratula 2pm..
For those traveling Saturday Victor may also meet at the servo possibly at 7am or earlier - TBA.

I would like to know who is traveling and when as the camp ground is not easily found so it's best for us to meet, alternatively you can meet us on the track retiring to set up camp later that day.

The work we are looking at doing is to clear trees and vines from either side of the track to keep it clear of traffic - we are not doing earth works!
I am yet to contact Ian the Ranger about the day but we may of may not be meeting up with him for this work, they may have some other jobs needed.

You will need to provide your own tools, hats gloves and shoes.
Brush cutters will be very handy as will chain saws but you need a license for these!
Please be mindful that we are in a National park and all types of critters live in the bush, snakes spiders and who knows what else may be on the next bush you grab! so leather gloves are advisable and keep your eyes open!

This will be hard work so please ensure you have adequate water and food with you.

Depending on the weather and the group we may also look at doing some exploring, after the work is completed.

I don't intend on this being a all work no play weekend so we will do what we can but it will not be an all day effort.

Please let me know if you intend on coming and what day.