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Full Version: Patrol - Cargo Barrier and rear shelf
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Well, it's only 10 days until we set off for Fraser and I really need to get my finger out and get some mods for the rear done. After deliberating over this for at least the last 12 months I have finally decided against a set of drawers, but really need to separate the gear in the back of the Patrol. There is a heap of head room but once you start to put one thing on top of the other, you quickly can't find stuff or can't be stuffed trying to find it. I already have a cage built around the fridge to keep gear away from the motor and with ease open and close the fridge on the slide at will. I have decided to make my own cargo barrier and shelf. There, said it, I have 10 days to complete the beast and have it ready for Fraser, the extra couple of days away would really have the chance to compound the issues that I know exist. ( I wanted to say that I know I have, BUT "Ï don't have any problems").

There are no photos for this thread at the moment because I need to get myself under the pump and start this thing. I hereby decree that I will have it installed for use at Fraser. It just won't be powder coated.

Stay tuned for daily updates with photos.

PS. I know how to edit and can edit or delete the post if I can't get it done on time.

ross and cher

Pass me the popcorn, going to enjoy the show, lol Wink
Well, I actually got a start today, off to Metal Corp and got the steel and mesh and Bunnings for bolts and other assorted stuff. Here is a picture of the steel and mesh.
Now, to give you an idea as to what I'm up too. The fridge is already encased in a wire cage. I want to increase the area in the back by adding a shelf at around 400mm high leaving 500mm to the opening of the door.
While I haven't taken the photo's yet I actually got a start. First thing to do was a thorough search of the shed, 3m x 3m ( I didn't think it could hold that much [email protected]) and find the welder. I actually thought at one point that I may have given it away, but to who? anyway, I have cut a few lengths of steel and drilled a few holes, and more importantly the plan is coming together in my mind.
More to come tomorrow and only 8 days for completion. Thankfully not due back in the office until Monday.
Well, I had a bit of a go today between the rain showers. The shelf is in place and bolted down, the cargo barrier frame has been tacked welded and now waiting for a dry moment to get out there and start fitting. Unfortunately no photos, due to me not wanting to get wet.
What a difference a day makes. Perfect weather for power tools in the front yard. Today I managed to finish the shelf and also the barrier, I have started on a shelf for my jerry can which is currently sitting on some 200x50 to give it the height that it needs to feed the pump. Hopefully tomorrow will have it finished and bolted up for a trial run to Fraser and then with luck, no modifications needed, off to the powder coaters.
Looking good mate!

Sounds like me you need a workshop type shed, something that is high on my wish list for our next house.. even higher should be pulling my fingers out and selling this one :oops:

I was going to suggest making a shelf at the height of your fridge top tray with the idea of being able to place items such as chairs and things like that flat on the shelf - even our reclining chairs may fit on such a shelf.

I agree that draws can be a pain and may not suit all users, possibly plastic type containers may better suit your needs.
My Draws while being very useful and full of gear actually take up quite a lot of storage space - but in my situation suit my needs.
I agree with you Peter, however practicality won out. During winter or at least between late December and August/September the back is usually full of a rather large gear bag containing a heap of footballs and then there's the water bottles. I have made the shelf the height to fit a big plastic tub and that leaves me with a little more room on the top shelf. At this stage I'll continue packing everything in cooler bags. I always have the roof for larger items. Saw a nice pelican case at Bunnings that I think would go well for recovery gear on the roof. My next job is re-plumb the water works, got some copper pipe and fittings today, let's see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully no more rain.