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Full Version: Club Logo - update May24 2013
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I have been playing with the club logo cleaning it up and doing a few - hopefully final alterations.
Today I sent a copy to a printer to see if it's suitable for printing a new club banner - cost should be around $100 - seems to be the going rate.

I have often thought of making it more of an actual modified photo but it's a logo that has been with us for a while so possibly better staying with it.
So who can spot the difference, there may be more than one 8-)

Looking good, the colours aren't bleeding in together. I can't pick the changes unless it is the change and It's not a Lada anymore.
Hello Peter

I got five differencies

Addition of roof mounted LED bar
Blue driving lights
Red front springs
No more lights on the bonnet
New rounded nudge/bullbar

Not bad Johnny although the Bull bar was only painted not changed..
Still missing one small addition I made - can anyone spot it?

BTW I have sent a copy of this to a printer, with any luck I may have a new banner for Fraser, all depends on timing.

Is it the "INC" letters

Not even close

Is it that bar thing just below the front bumper

Light bar on roof?
Yep ok

The light bar is a little better pronounced than it was so that could go down as one of the changes but not the main one :x
Maybe I made it too small :oops:

In any case the PDF of this has been sent to a printer and we should have a new banner by this Wednesday cost will be between $66 and $100 depending on the size they go with - I have been general about the actual size so as to make it the cheapest possible size - by fitting into the material sizes they have.
So all things working out well we should have the banner for Fraser - crossing fingers Confusedhock:

To help you guys who are trying to work it out there are two main changes, the first one is to the windows..
The second change is something we all want and if we don't have one some trips are touch and go...


Is it the snorkel on the side
yay someone noticed Smile