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Full Version: Springs and Rum Friday
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Fridays around here are often spent at a mates place in Moorooka playing with some ones car or just standing around chatting while drinking the odd Rum and Cola - a must for the envent!
Funny enough we call this Rum Fridays at Voodoo's workshop (Voodoo "Stewart"
is the guy who owns the workshop)
Before I go any further anyone who wishes to drop in is more than welcome..

Voodoo has a car detailing workshop and often some polishing or pressure cleaning is happening while you are there, provide some rum and you may end up getting your car polished if you want.
Voodoo also has a vehicle hoist, mig welder, Plasma cutter and other various handy tools like a pipe bender that we are yet to make use of..

Getting back to my story

Recently I have noticed the driver's side of my Troopy sagging a bit so I took it to Carol springs and it measured some 24mm down on the other side and that was without the lump of a driver sitting in the seat!

They had the springs I needed in stock but could not fit until Monday and I need to use the car Saturday for a night run so decided to purchase the springs and fit them myself Enter Rum Friday, BTW for future reference the $80 they would have charged is good value.. but yep I needed it done right NOW!

What I did not expect was just how stuffed the springs were!
The Drivers side had snapped both top and bottom and looked like this had been that way for some time!
The Passenger side had snapped just on the bottom coil but this too looked quite old..
Neither broken coils were visible until removed due to some plastic tubing the previous installer had used on the ends, something we did not put back on!

[Image: Brokensprings.jpg]

To facilitate the removal and installation we had to remove the top hat/bump stop as it is quite long and made installing and removing of the coils difficult, this too I am now quite glad we did as both sides were completely full of sand and red dirt, easily would have been 1kg or more of muck in both sides! Think I will look at drilling a drain hole in both hats soon.

[Image: Sandfromdriverssidebumpstop.jpg]

Only problem now is we discovered that both front shocks are no longer extending and need to be replaced, Good to see the money pit is still living up to its reputation :-)

Narelle can vouch that when I go driving in the sand or dirt I play hard and often hit ruts and holes with some speed so I guess that's just part of what my fun costs, but at this stage I would not have it any other way - one day I may grow up but it's not going to happen any day soon.

On another note - today my new 200W 12V Solar panel arrived - whole 3 days early!, only $219 delivered from lowenergydevelopments or Rod Irving electronics - looks ok and has a long warranty so hopefully it will ease my solar power wows on the Troopy.

Nice pic of your toes

(I could not resist)
have you spent your youth wearing thongs? Confusedhock:
as the gap between big toe and second shows the tell tale signs :lol:
good to see the money spent on quality sandals (Jim Beam) was worth it :mrgreen:

Go the Troopy, with many more adventures to go in her yet

PS dont tell the conversationists about the sand, cause they will never let another troopy down the beach again :roll:

I considered chopping the photo to remove my feet but didn't think it would take center stage over the springs :lol:

Yes guilty as charged, if I have a choice it will be thongs each time, they are yet to make steel caped thongs so can't get away with them for work :o
I tried to get away with thongs on our wedding day but no none would agree on the colour to suit the tux Confusedhock: