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Full Version: Rear drawer build
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My current drawer system has taken 3 makeovers to get to this stage
I first had a cut down 2 drawer metal filing cabinet but with only a 600mm depth I incorporated a box at the seat end to hold stuff, but was clumsy and weak
I next made a high box to hold my 3way fridge and two drawers on the driver side, handmade the slides with rhs and roller skate bearings, but the cape trick loosened it up and warped some parts and the fridge was on the wrong side as I couldn't have side access to the drawers when the fridge was out
now i have made this version with slotted angle and ply
I have 105% drawers slides to move the drawers efficiently
on the right is the engel fridge with a ten litre water bottle and double action pump it also has a fold down table to hold stuff you get out of the fridge to get to what you really want down at the bottom (you know it always happens)
on the left is my version of a drifta kitchen
this kitchen lifts in and out and can be replaced with a ply box when not needed
it will be fitted with removable legs so you can set it up separately for long camps
as you can see it has a flip over lid that doubles as a table for cooking or cleaning and when closed holds in the drawers
from drifting open
made of ply and covered with laminex for easy wipe and clean ( yeh I am a messy cook)
I have drawers that house my cultery, washing up stuff and plates and a portable cooker they are sized to clear the back of the car
I have a little space in the back for odds and sods (salt pepper, paper towels even sauce etc.
here it is set up with the stabilising leg that stores away in the top drawer which  holds anything I wish
down side is that you cannot use the top of the kitchen for a organising if you want to pull out the top drawer to access stuff
Sooooooo.  I have added (no picture) a set of removable filing cabinet drawers to the top of the drawer unit to house all my food and other stuff I just gotta have out camping
the dimensions are about right for me now, but  I would rebuild it in ply this time as a box unit that could be removed as this one cant be without demolition of the unit
As always it is a project in development as ideas come and go or tested to work or not
But mostly I like it
What do you think?
Geez Les
It's good to see that with all of the commercial units available that home made is still going strong!
Must admit that my own design is still on going and one day soon I hope that version 2.6 will be unleashed but given the current design has seen the Simpson Desert 3 or 4 times and traveled on some of the worst roads know to man it clearly has been an improvement on the previous designs, but in saying this the current build has had several upgrades and dare I say improvements along the way.

While there are many commercial units available nothing cuts the grade like a home made job and certainly nothing available is the best build fits all category so if you are looking at upgrading your storage system in the 4x4 it's a good idea to look around and see what others have done, you would be amassed at just how inventive your mates or strangers can be 8-)
I'm loving that drawer system sirlezz top unit


Just like a Swiss army knife.
Well now someone "Clearview mirrors"is making a commercial kitchen pantry similar to my home built which I based on Drifta kitchens and adapted it to fit space available

you can check it all out with a video even


It is around $900 but it is smicko and smaller less than 700mm deep, 400mm wide and just under 540mm high
can use a drop fridge slide to get it to a working height for cooking etc and has a sliding tray to fit a drop in sink
two access points for storage but only top access works when fully deployed via a sliding top




Hmm can't seem to find the original photos to refresh them pity
Looking Good Les, I saw the Clear View kitchen for the first time at our Conference back in Feb and yes it is a good usefull unit and well worth the investment if you can make it work in the back of your own 4by.

Less you will need to go for a camp to test & Fine tune your new set up as our own builds are always a work in Progress and always new things coming into the market which gives us DYI guys idea's to work in to our own builds.

I was lucky as I had look at a lot of builds in back of Troopys before I made mine Permanent and it has worked well for us over the last 6 years or so.

I was looking at these style of kitchens before the Simmo trip this year, however I just couldn't justify the additional expense at that particular time. The ones I was looking at were through Dunn and Watson and they have them in both left or right hand configuration and in either stainless or aluminium. Prices weren't too bad, I think approx $500 for an aluminium version. They also said they could custom make as well, if you wanted them say a bit shorter or wider etc too.   Smile