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Full Version: Sundown NP - More work needed
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The weekend on of the 30th of November and 1st of December 2013 a few of us traveled into Sundown on a non club trip, we started by traveling the track that our club has adopted for maintenance, much of the work done on previous trips has helped with access but there is still quite a lot of work needed to assist in limiting pin-striping of vehicles.

So the question has to be asked when do we return?

At this stage we have put down the 15th and 16th of Feb with possibly a late Friday arrival and late Sunday departure with us staying in the Winter camp to assist in late arrivals, we may look at posting signs to help late arrivals.

A little bit of work is needed to advise other interested parties of or intended visit so please consider joining us for this trip.
Hi Pete
is the pin striping caused by lantana growing over the track?
I used to weed eat, dig out and/or roundup the stumps and then plant natives for the BCC in some of our wild parks some years ago and it is hard and thirsty work, but satisfying

but kilometers of it will take another bigger idea to cope with that amount of invasion hmmm??
anyway whatever the process we need to be prepared and well planned for the onslaught
Hi Les

The pin striping is mainly due to over hanging trees and bushes, not aware of much Lantana growing at Sundown, possibly it's too cold for the stuff to grow or something.

On our past trips we have cleared a few bushes from the tracks plus a few over hanging trees that were blocking the tracks but more work needs to be done, seems these darn things grow and get bigger when you leave them alone :lol:

The main weapon of choice is a Chainsaw as it's about the only thing that will clear all of the bigger stuff :?


keep me posted on this i am very interested in going back there