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Full Version: hello from pete
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Hello I am new to Brisbane and this forum. I have a Kia Sorento (with low range). My family and I look forward to exploring the great outdoors of Qld.
Hi Pete
Welcome to the forum. Come along to a meeting sometime and meet some of the gang. 4WDQLD hall, Muriel Ave, Moorooka, 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7.00pm or keep an eye on the trip calendar and come out for a drive.


Thanks for the welcome.
I will certainly come to a meeting and introduce myself.
Hi Pete

Welcome to the Forum,
Make sure you check out our trips calendar for upcoming trips, as a visitor you are welcome to attend a few trips before becoming a financial member of our club, in many ways we prefer this so we can each get to know each other..
If you are free this weekend we have a trip to Sundown NP, this is both a working bee and a nice place to play for a while with some very nice remote camp sites.

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Hi pete

come on out and enjoy the outdoors with us
plenty of trips to choose from and another planned by our vice president that I am keen on attending in the near future

hope to see you soon