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Full Version: My Bash Plate
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After my sticky situation down at sundown NP

On monday I decided to give my set of wheels a look under

My plate normally is held on by six bolts

To my surprise there is only one and two zip ties from a previous patchup job

Off to the hardware store (Home hardware & not Bunnings

My plate now has one bolt through the chasis and five clamps

So lets see how long all that lasts

Bolts, washers and springs are the only way for a lasting job Johnny Big Grin
anything else is a compromise and will only bring you grief :cry:
the bash plate can only save you heaps of damage to costly parts Confusedhock:
plenty of good high tensile stuff at super cheap etc.

good luck with the repairs Wink
Yep must agree on the Bolting in although nothing beets regular Maintenance or checks on the underside of the car!
Many people spend hours washing and polishing there rig but fail to go for a wonder under the car..

I remember quite strongly my disbelief on the 2008 Simpson desert trip the number of things that caused issues or could have been larger had I not found them prior to total failure -

A few lessens I learned was that even wires that normally sit crossing each other will actually rub through when confronted with a few thousand KM's of corrugated roads, also bolts that I know I tightened before the trip managed to work lose and some even fell off to become part of someones tyres one day :o

Fortunately during the 2008 trip we had a lay day at Dalhousie Springs, I and the others spent an hour or so browsing and tightening things under the car, I found several bolts and nuts either missing or just about to part company, I managed to beg and steel parts from other less critical areas of the car to repair things that would matter if they fell off - such as my steering rack! - remember to carry a tarp to lie on :oops:

One thing we did not managed to do on the 2010 Simpson to beyond trip was actually stop and do some Maintenance partly because of time but mainly due to the simple fact that all of our cars were so covered in mud that actually seeing things was close to impossible, even when problems were discovered with both Johnny and Victors cars it was hard to see where the fault lay due to the layers of mud!

It's good you found that Johnny, if it fell off while on the highway you or someone else would have suffered!

On the note of bash plates, the Troopy is a solid vehicle and possibly one of the toughest current on the road for it's class but still has a few areas of weakness one such area is the bottom of the Radiator, granted it's high up but still hangs lower than the bullbar! The factory supplies a reasonably tough plastic cover but it is plastic and mine was broken, so via a mate on Facebook I purchased a steel cover for under $150 that is good insurance in by books.
well my bash plate lost 2 of the four bolts, after Teewah beach trip, one was tight but the other was on a broken bracket :o
so only holding by one bolt Confusedhock:
welding, new bolts with spring washers and tightening, :mrgreen: all good now
now I need to regular check them as well :oops:
so none of us get out of this routine 8-)