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Full Version: Mintees
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Hello Peoples

I was reading the latest issue of 4x4 australia

They have just started a new section called "useful hints"

It involves mintee lollies

If you do happen to puncture your fuel tank or hole your sump or transfer case

Simply if you have any mintees just chew until the stuff goes soft and squize it over the hole

The lolly reacts with the hydro-carbons in the petrol-diesel-oil and it sets like nothing on earth

It seals up in a flash just as if it has been welded

I just thought it was worth telling/sharing

See that's why we should always carry Mintees
Now if I can just stop eating them all then we will have a good solid repair tool Angel
and to think i bought some expensive two pack rep tank repair kit that will probably go off in time Angry

and all I ever needed was Minties Huh

never too late to learn Big Grin[/align]