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Full Version: Loss of Traction
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Hello Peoples

I was talking to my mechanic freind the other day

He told me that he and his mates have just gotten back from the cape

However they did come across a problem

They arrived at a long deep water crossing

So the first vehicle started across but was loosing traction but with good luck made across

Sometime later another crossing and the same problem happened a loss of traction

The next day they arrived somewhere to refuel
They were chatting to the guy about this problem but he told them of the problem
It is common up here with travellers

You empty your main fuel tank (usually in the rear)
So the tank now empty starts to act like a huge air bubble and thus floats hence the loose of traction

So something so simple can cause a lot of stress

Yep this was happening to a few people in Nolan's Brook but the funny part was if you followed the right bank it was not so deep and would have worked.. two vehicles died on the crossing.. both were Nissans Big Grin

One Guy rolled a tire off the rim and complained that this happened twice on the track, turned out he was running 18psi - why who knows as there was no soft sand! - we suggested he try higher pressures.. not sure if he took it seriously or not - nor did I stick around to find out.

This link shows a few recovery tricks or do not's
Not sure I agree on how he hooked two recovery straps as that method creates a few extra weak points.. but never did say this man is smart Dodgy


Did you guys know that a 1 meter square volume tank gives 1000kg of floatation ?
That's worth remembering mate, still it was funny watching cars being covered by a wave of water :-)