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Full Version: Storm Ready for Qld! are you ready?
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Hey guys check this out Angel

This is a link to Qld governments Get readiness website for all types of natural disasters that could affect you Huh


As 4wders we are used to getting prepared for the road trips and camping Cool and refining our gear and preparations to make the adventures so much better Wink

this website has the tips on getting ready for the those inevitable Summer Storms especially when we are camping, being prepared and not getting caught out

Yes It has happened to me, my family and friends all too often, especially when we get complacent and think it wont happen to me (again)

One of my work collegues just lost his car to hail, his house damaged by falling tree and lost he beloved dog all in one November 2014 storm last week
thankfully the dog was found some 8k's away
Insurance is covering the rest we hopeRolleyes

anyway Check it out for any new or old ideas that you can use Idea
if your ready you are preparedCool

Keep safe