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Full Version: shockies
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Hello peoples

I am shopping around for a new set of front shocks

I have heard good reports about GABRIELS

Is that news good

Did Gabriel tell you his shocks were good. If you take his what will he use.?
Seriously i have EFS and quite happy with them. I can't comment on other brands as i don't /haven't used them. Most will say that whatever they are using is the best. After all they have spent the money. We don't have enough money to continually buy new gear to see if something else out there is better.
Talk to a couple of suspension specialists, tell them how you use the vehicle and see what they suggest.
HI Johny,

What year and make is you 4wd?

brands I likeWink
Old Man emu
Tough Dogs

you can go for options likeCool

gas - dunno never had them
foam - is good for corrugations
air assisted - help in equalizing your extra loaded weight
large bore - have better heat dissipation when getting tested
long reach - can let you wheels touch the bottom of a deeper rut

what do you want them to do?????Huh

offroad light
offroad hard

you asking a big question, like which beer is best? depends
you gotta pick a shock to do what you want it to doBig Grin
I use iron man foam shocks with their torsion bar their good

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