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Hello Guys

Last Friday afternoon a group of us were roaring along the western beach on moreton island

We came across a stuck holden Colorado ute

We dug under the wheels and inserted 4 max-tracks one on each wheel

The driver pulled into low range but only the front passenger side spun along with the driver rear

So what was happening

So can anybody enlighten me as to why these wheels did that

Not entirely sure Johnny but sounds like traction control to me. Traction control trying to apply power to the wheels with the least amount of traction. I know sometimes it has happened in mine when I've gotten crossed up in some wombat holes and the 2 opposing wheels that are in the air are getting all the power. Being on sand though with max trax under all 4 wheels?.....as I said, not sure.
Yep, open diffs.

Common misconception is that a 4wd drives 4 wheels.

The majority of 4wd's are in fact a 2wheel drive, 1 front 1 rear.

Now it gets a bit technical.......... 
With an LSD, (no not the drug  Tongue  but a Limited Slip Diff) it sends drive to both wheels however, if in wombat holes or where there is quite a bit of load on 1 wheel, power is sent to the wheel with the least resistance. This is needed, as 2 wheels turning at the same speed severely inhibits the ability to go around corners.

A patrol for example (only because it has the bestest LSD going  Big Grin ) is in essence a 3 wheel drive, but by no means perfect but betterer than those toymotas where the LSD is about as efficient as their handbrakes  Big Grin Tongue Big Grin Tongue .

Lockers do what their name suggests, locks the wheels across the diff and therefore, if a wheel is in the air, it will still get drive.

Now, a twin locked 4wd is a true 4 wheel driven vehicle.

There endeth the lesson  Cool Cool

Hope it makes sense.
Thank you for imparting your wisdom through thine lesson Doc.  Big Grin