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Full Version: Endless Air - type compressor ideas
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As some may be aware my ARB Compressor failed on the return trip from Fraser, it managed to pump up my 4 tyres and died before completing any more!
I have investigated the fault and for under $100 will have fixed it but the low volumes these pumps deliver have always bugged me and I want more!

I have an old AC compressor and want to mount this in the car to provide better air delivery but need to sort out a few things such as mounting and alterations required to make it work correctly and for years to come - the PDF attached is one mans experience with this.
At least yours didn't nearly burn your car to the ground.

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just buy a Thumper instead and get a tank for it, that will do the job effortlessly Cool
without the cost and hassle of fitting up a compressor under the bonnet Angry
mine works wonderfully, and usually beats everyone or most other compressors airing up Big Grin


Thumper bare for only $89
9lt tank and fittings $55
pick it up at Moss St too

Go ahead and make your day Cool
That sounds a good idea. Supacenter store at Moss Street is closed, so either a drive to Brendale or delivery.

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Oh and don't forget the big air hose coming out of the tank,  Idea this will give you the pressure and quantity of air for any adventure. repairs or blow up toys you might have or get in the future Big Grin remember to get big inside diameter fittings as well  Tongue it will be worth the effort

the tank comes with a pressure relief valve if you forget to shut it off, it also has an end and a side bung to get air in and out of it

you can also get a pressure cut off switch that will do the switching for you automatically, it can be as simple as this and will cycle your compressor on and off for under $5   Pressure Control Switch 90 PSI -120 PSI Air Compressor Valve Heavy Duty New 

I use this one now after having used the following one that melted the internal plastic on me at Imbil last time and didn't work again and it took some fitting up initially but it was adjustable for pressure switching, but who cares really just pump it up and go

90-120 PSI Air Compressor Pump Pressure Switch Control Valve Solid Heavy Duty 
my opinion is not worth the effort fitting it, they belong on a workshop stand alone compressor and tank etc. but if that ever busts I will go the first option as a replacement Oh and by the way I bought two just in case it blows Cool  at the wrong time Mr Murphy hahaha Rolleyes