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Full Version: Winch rope
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Hello someone

i was using my winch to move some heavy things at shed

Whilst my alloy cable was winding in I noticed that my cable had a was kink and giving out sharpe pieces 

So time for a new cable

Ii have been looking at that synthetic poly rope with 9mm with a breaking strain of 12,000 pounds

My question is that suitable for my patrol

Hi Johnny.
Certainly you can upgrade to a synthetic Dyneema rope. It is safer and actually stronger in tensile breaking strain per mm/2 than conventional braided steel cable.
In addition to replacing the cable itself, you will most likely have to change the fairlead too as you will probably have the roller type fairlead which is suitable for the steel cable but not the synthetic as the synthetic can get pinched in between the rollers.
You will need to change to a solid one-piece hawse.
Hi Johnny,
I'm no expert, but I agree 100% with what White Bush Pig says.
But.... from my reading, there's just one tiny snag you may want to consider when upgrading steel-cable to synthetic.
The snag I'm talking about is that synthetic rope is more susceptible to heat-damage, when compared with steel.
And (depending upon your particular winch design), if the inbuilt brake mechanism is integral with the cable-drum, then there's a risk of heat-damage to synthetic rope.
For this reason, I've noticed modern winches tend have their brake-mechanism located outboard (well away from the drum).
Alternatively, I think you can 'retrofit' a layer of heat-guard which wraps around the drum, immediately under the first layer of synthetic rope.

BTW, what sort of winch do you have?  And where's the hot brake-mechanism located?


I ave a hydraulic TJM 10,000 pounder (sounds like a cannon)

It was said that I may need a hawse 

I did however find one at $48 good grief

With the purchase of the rope and the hawse it may just be best if I buy some new wire cable

Also a crawl under neath I have noticed that the fitting of the hawse could be a MAJOR EXERCISE

But I have not given up and time is on my side

That's one expensive hawsie!
I imagine he must be Melbourne Cup material.