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Full Version: Rear Diff overhaul.
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Laidley 62 Series

Shortly I will be looking for for an overhauled diff for the rear of my F J 62, does anyone in this group know of a reliable garage or workshop which can do this job around South East Qld.

I don`t mind doing an exchange diff transaction.

I will be having a Lokka fitted and want the diff overhauled in preparation for this.

Happy Trails.

Mate I would have both jobs done at the same time,

As for a reliable place... do they exist? :-)
Couldn't help that, I have a total lack of trust when it comes to mechanics - sad but true!

Mind you if you find one please let us all know,
Regarding that have you tried the LCool forum?
I'd try <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.driveline.com.au">http://www.driveline.com.au</a><!-- m --> aka drive line services.

A guy I work with does a LOT of work through them, and never has any issues (well you have the odd issue but they FIX it) Smile

I personally have had many custom tail shafts made up by these guys never had a issue.

And you are best getting the lokka fitted at the same time as Pete said.

Laidley 62 Series


That was my intention, I believe that I don`t the spider gears when the diff is overhauledso might save $ 5. there, ha ha ha.

It does not make sense to me to put a Lokka in the rear with a diff which I have no idea of its`history.

I will be looking at a E - Locker for the front.

I sent an e mail to Terrain Tamer because Alan showed what they did to rid the 60 series box of inherant problems with a weak 5th. gear, but they must be so busy that they do not need to answer their e mails.

Happy Trails.

Yep Sounds good,

E-Lockers sound like a good idea,
I wanted to install them when fitting out the Troopy but no one would sell them to me at the time and tried to tell me they were no longer being made!
Personally it's more like they were not currently stocking them so piss off and leave me alone!!

Also looked at TJM but they just kept giving me later dates for them being released so I ended up getting ARB Air Lockers.

As for Ask Allan - I believe he is a very busy man, not sure on the delay on replies or how they pick people but I have asked a few questions but the only time I got a reply is when I met the man in person at the Brisbane 4WD show this year.

Oh by the way when are you looking at doing the trip to cape, love to go - was going to do the trip in 2012 but way too many expenses and not enough time so maybe 2013 it will be.

Laidley 62 Series

Thanks Mlowe,

I have put driveline services into my bookmarks and as they are only at Acacia Ridge I will look them up when I am ready.

@ Pete, I believe that the E _ Locker is sold by Opposite Lock and as they are in Toowoomba, which is not a million miles from me I will look them up when ready to spend the big bucks on my 62.

The trip to the Cape is now set for 1st. August 2013 [ departure date from Cairns ] we have 65 - 60 series owners on our trip forum and it is gaining momentun, we have a couple of members who are also on here I think.

We could end up with 20, 30 or more 60s on our trip.



Laidley 62 Series

Hi Pete and River City,

I picked up a diff centre from Brad at Early Landcruiser Spares in Adelaide, he is on our cape trip forum and sell all kinds of spares for early landcruisers.

Brad fitted a brand new Lokka to the diff and posted it up to me, I asked for a front diff to be supplied because as you all know the rear gets all the klms on it and the front is hardly used.

If any of you are running an older Landcruiser then let me know if you want a contact on Brad, he is Tuff Hj 60 on 4 W D Action forum.

Happy Trails.