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2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Dead End Street Day Trip - sirlezz - 12-01-2017

Hi guys

Sunday day tour Big Grin

Planning on a day trip to Toonumbar Forest and the dam for lunch "Bells Bay Camp ground" Tongue
Then onto the Condamine and Boonah via Geiger Rd on the way home

This is an easy drive for most of the way with some great views of the mountains lunch by the water followed by some creek crossings and finishing with a technical drive before heading for home

We travel from Beaudesert up the Lions Rd and into NSW, traverse the Toonumbar Forest Rd down to the dam, then return for the climb back up to Coxs rd to go over the mountain down to Woodenbong and off to the Condamine River Rd of 14 river crossings although one of them has been culverted and you can't get your wheels wet, then up the Head Lookout and a down the mountain range run to Boonah,
Finishing with the challenging Geiger Rd run, ( If it is wet we may go in the reverse direction as this is more manageable)

Google Maps took some coaxing to get it right to our itinerary,  but it is mostly accurate Cool


This day tour will take at around 8 hours of driving to complete Angel

Starting meeting point Hungry Jacks to leave by 8am
be there earlier if you want drinks or food before we leave

Lunch at the dam via  Bells Bay picnic grounds day use area

Back track back up the range  to Coxs rd and then over the mountain to Woodenbong and then onto the Condamine river run
Finishing via Geiger Rd run and then home again

you won't be bored Angel

RE: 2017 April 9th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - Weatherman - 19-01-2017

Sounds Great Les,

Wendy and I are in. Big Grin

RE: 2017 April 9th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - White Bush Pig - 03-04-2017

We are hoping to be able to join in on this day trip but may have to play it by ear leading up to the day.

RE: 2017 April 9th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - sirlezz - 05-04-2017

Sunday drive postponed due to Ex Cyclone Debbie massibe rains Dodgy

Hi Eveyone

Due to some concerns as to whether the massive rains would have dried up enough and or we should go on a modified run, we have decided to postpone the trip until May (will confirm that date at next club meeting)

some sections may be still impassable and certainly Condamine gorge would be in full depth and flows, Geiger Rd will take some drying out too

This is a good run to gon on and worth saving until the right time  Angel

The option to go next weekend would have been a good one, but it is Easter and you may have other committments and there will be a lot of road traffic out and about too

Stay tuned for further advice Big Grin

RE: POSTPONED - 2017 April 9th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - Hdj78rv - 05-04-2017


RE: POSTPONED - 2017 April 9th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - sirlezz - 05-04-2017

(05-04-2017, 08:47 PM)Hdj78rv Wrote: FYI

Hi Jason

What did it say in regard to this trip as my browser wont' go there as it is blocked at the moment

can you copy in some detail here

RE: POSTPONED - 2017 April 9th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - daggy - 06-04-2017

Update - Gradys Creek and Lions Roads Bridge Renewal Program

Gradys Creek Road closed at Murrays Bridge, approximately 10.5km from Summerland Way - use Mount Lindesay Road for travel between New South Wales and Queensland

Council has started work on the first stage of a three stage project to replace six bridges on Gradys Creek and Lions Roads using $2 million funding received through the Australian Government's Bridge Renewal Program. During the project, there will be a total of three road closures between January and August 2017.

Stage one of the program is replacement of Boyles (No.2) Bridge, 13.9km on Gradys Creek Road (20t load limit) and Murrays Bridge, 10.5km on Gradys Creek Road (20t load limit). Council is able to leave Boyles (No.2) Bridge in position while the replacement bridge is constructed but this is not possible at Murrays Bridge due to site constraints. 

The road was closed at Murrays Bridge on 9 January 2017 and is expected to reopen mid April 2017 when the replacement bridge is complete. During this closure, the best route for travel between New South Wales and Queensland is via Summerland Way and Mount Lindesay Highway. Access to all properties from rural road number 1085 and above, and to all properties on Glen Arvin Road, Brindle Creek Road, Main Creek Road, Tree Fern Road and Lions Road is via Lynches Creek using Simes Road and Lynches Creek Road. 

Later closures will be at Heards Bridge on Gradys Creek Road, 5.5km from Summerland Way (20t), and Lions Road Bridge on Lions Road, 0.58km from Gradys Creek Road (2t).

The new bridges will remove the need for load limits and reduce the incidence of road closures due to flooding on Lions Road and Gradys Creek Road. In the meantime, the preferred route for all travel between New South Wales and Queensland is via Mount Lindesay Road.

Gradys Creek Road and Lions Road are currently particularly unsuited for heavy vehicles and caravans.

Council has produced two booklets with information on the project for the benefit of residents and the community.

Gradys Creek and Lions Road Bridge Renewal Project Information (November 2016)

Gradys Creek and Lions Road Bridge Renewal Project Update (March 2017)


The replacement of six timber bridges on Gradys Creek and Lions Roads has commenced 

• Construction of the bridges is being conducted in three stages 

• The work has resulted in changed traffic conditions and detours 

• Gradys Creek Road is currently closed at Murrays Bridge, 10.5km from Summerland Way. A detour is in place 

• Stage 1 of the project will be completed with the Murrays Bridge and Boyles (2) Bridge replacements open to traffic in mid April 2017 

• Stage 2 of the project will commence immediately after completion of Stage 1 and will immediately be followed by Stage 3 which is expected to be completed in August 2017

RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - sirlezz - 13-04-2017

don't worry there is a work around the bridge work on Grady's rd and will only add 15 - 20 mins to our run up Lions Rd Big Grin

RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - Weatherman - 29-05-2017

Morning, this trip is booked for this Sunday the 4th.

Do we have any numbers on who is looking at going on this Trip?

If you are thinking of attending this Sunday Trip please show your interest by replying to this post.


RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - daggy - 29-05-2017

I am going and for the first time, Ivana will be my copilot. Looking forward.

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RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - Weatherman - 29-05-2017

When and I are planing on going  Cool

RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - White Bush Pig - 30-05-2017

We MAY be able to make it, assuming everything goes well with our injector pump rebuild etc this week and we have the pig back for the weekend.  

RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - kurt - 01-06-2017

lisa the boys and I are planning on going too

RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - Weatherman - 01-06-2017

Correct me if I'm wrong Les.

Meeting at the Bowy Hungry Jacks from 7:30 am on this Sunday for a 8 am leave, Les is our trip leader.

Looking forward to a fun days drive.


RE: 2017 June 4th Sunday Toonumbar Forest Day Trip - White Bush Pig - 03-06-2017

Sorry guys, not going to be able to make this trip. We've got our car back but I've just got too much to do around the house and I need to catch up on a few things. 
Enjoy the day though. Look forward to hearing about it.

TRIP REPORT - daggy - 11-06-2017

The meeting point for this trip was Hungry Jacks, Beaudesert.  Day trippers were, trip leader Les travelling solo, Kurt, Lisa and the kids, Steve and Wendy with myself and first timer Ivana.  Information from those that travelled through Beaudesert town centre was that the  road towards Boonah was chockers with many light changes to get through.  Apparently the Beaudesert Swap Meet was on at the racecourse.

With a little planning we set a course to avoid the main intersection and traffic lights.  So a small tour of Beaudesert back streets and what looked like no through roads was the short order.  Little did we realise that no through roads was going to be the order of the day.

First stop was the Lions Road, we made it about 100 metres down the road and discovered that the road was closed.  Well the only thing to do was back onto the Mount Lindsay and head for the Summerland Way.  Through the township of Rathdowney, passed her majesty's prison farm 'Palen Creek' and through the rolling hills underneath Mount Lindsay.  We headed for the Summerland Way and our next road, Toomumbar Forest Drive.
A slight overshoot of the road and we travelled back and onto the road.  Our first taste of dirt, maybe 200 metres into the road a huge sign saying 'Road Closed, turn around now'.  Les the intrepid trip leader forged ahead to see if we could get through and true to form, yes the road was closed.  decision time go back to Cox's Road or into Kyogle.    Cox's Road was the choice for the return trip.

Onwards to Kyogle were attempting a short cut we came across the Kyogle Turkeys*.  Back onto the road and we soon found the right road to the dam.  An uneventful drive from here saw us reach the dam and our destination of Bells Bay Camping area.  A reasonably  flat, grassed area with plenty of covered picnic areas and fireplaces.  There is a boat ramp and lovely views of the dam.  I imagine the water is cold and the sun would go down reasonably early.  All in all a great camp site worth keeping in mind for the future.  We took a few photos and ended up having lunch here.

Lunch over, back to the dam wall, [attachment=2229]Steve had some ideas that he knew of some tracks in the area.  Boing boing, tracks closed.  Turn around, decision to head back across to Cox's Road and over to Boonah.  On arrival at Cox's Road, you wouldn't believe it, road closed.  Well we got this far let's have a look at Iron Pot Creek Camping Ground, at least the road is open.  Again a nice camping spot.  Only problem for us is this is a dead end and we are the other side of a mountain range from Boonah.[attachment=2230][attachment=2231]

Our maps show a road/track that runs over the back of the dam through Toonumbar to the Clarence Way.  First impressions a well graded road, conversations along the line of, 'I bet a local councillor lives out her and the graded road will stop at the front door.'  If you were a betting man you would be right.  Toonumbar is a house, a bridge and then a track leading to a locked gate. 

Backtrack to the dam and through the Richmond Range National Park heading for Bonalbo and the Clarence Way.  We resist the urge to head into Sex...ville, bit it is starting to get late.  On arrival at Bonalbo we stop to use the facilities.  Interesting enough there is a sign saying 'Shopping Centre' and 'Chemist Open'.  Curiosity and the fact that Steve and Wendy have ice cream see us drive down the road into the thriving metropolis of Bonalbo.  Not really thriving but evidence of a once thriving timber cutting town.

Onwards towards Woodenbong we travel.  Once arrived at Woodenbong a quick discussion that it is starting to get late and to travel over to Boonah would have us arriving home quite late.  All in agree, it's been a great day but we all need to go to work tomorrow.  So from here its back towards Beaudesert and home.

All up home to home I travelled 480 kilometres.  We did drive passed plenty of great campsites.  I would suggest that it would be worth spending a couple of days in this area exploring.

*Kyogle Turkeys Rugby League Club