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2017 31st Sept - 2 Oct Qld Corroboree - sirlezz - 10-03-2017

Hi everyone the website is up and running so have a good look over it  as we plan for it   Cool


RE: 2017 31st Sept - 2 Oct Qld Corroboree - sirlezz - 15-06-2017

Hi Everyone

Mike Van der Velden from the Mitsubishi club attended our meeting on the 14th June and explained how the 2017 Corroboree was progressing and that we should get in the early bird registrations while we can


check out the website it is really good to navigate

It will be a great weekend for all the family it is one of those opportuniities to have fun driving and partying at the same time

hope to see you there

RE: 2017 31st Sept - 2 Oct Qld Corroboree - White Bush Pig - 15-06-2017

Early bird registrations (and discounts) finish on the 30th June.

RE: 2017 31st Sept - 2 Oct Qld Corroboree - sirlezz - 11-08-2017

Official email from the Corroboree  to get in quick to register Tongue

Registrations for the 37th Annual 4WDQ Corroboree, which is being held from Saturday the 30th of September to Monday the 2nd of October 2017, will be closing upon the 31st of August 2017. If you are aware of any one else who was wanting to attend, please make sure they have registered on the site before this cut off date. Cool

I would also like to enocurage those attending, to register for the trips they wish to particpate on. Big Grin
Some of the trips are already full and others are almost full. Please make sure you register before these are closed off on the 31st of August. 

If you do miss out on registering for a trip, please be aware that these trips will be available on a first in first served basis at the Corroboree, where you can add your name, and can also check which trips you have registerd for. If you need to contact us you are able to do this by clicking here

Going again Cool Big Grin Tongue Angel