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2017 AGM August 9 - daggy - 13-07-2017

Ladies and Gents

AGM at the Moorooka hall at 7.30pm on 9 August 2017.  

At last night's not meeting, the not committee decided that this year dinner for the evening will be steak, sausages, fried onion, bread rolls, coleslaw and potato salad.   The plan is Kris will buy the tucker, bring the BBQ and hopefully we will get the BBQ underway around 6.30pm.  We hope to have the tucker on the table just after 7.00pm.

What we really need to know is are you coming and how many are you?  We don't want to buy too much or too little.  Let us know by no later than Friday 4 August 2017.

Hopefully there will be a video and photo presentation of the desert trip, don't miss this!!!

Discussion on the Xmas party, time to lock in the location.

Most importanty, all positions will be declared vacant and maybe we will see some new faces on the committee.

We are feeding:
Darryl x 1
Doc x 1
Les x 1
Kris x 2
Johnny x 1
Steve x 1

RE: 2017 AGM August 9 - johnnyn - 14-07-2017

Hello Daggy

I will be there

I am happy to stay on as the QA Reap as i will again be involved with the fraser cleanup in 2018


RE: 2017 AGM August 9 - Weatherman - 26-07-2017

Hi I'll be there gor the bbq.