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20180519 Fraser Island Cleanup - troopiepete - 05-12-2017


Fraser Island Cleanup has launched a new web page and registrations are now open.
More details are on there page and will be covered at the next meeting.


RE: 20180519 Fraser Island Cleanup - troopiepete - 17-01-2018

Update for Fraser Cleanup this year..

- Registration became live 1st December to March 1st Your are able to go on the site now: http://www.4wdqldcu.org.au but only the trip leader is to register on the site 
- When you register there is a tick box for terms and conditions, it is very similar to the code of conduct for the association, please make sure all people who attend read this.
- Permits will be waived again

It was earlier reported that Barge discounts were not until later in the day but this was incorrect and are open from first light as per usual.

RE: 20180519 Fraser Island Cleanup - Weatherman - 17-01-2018

Thanks not good, so they want to have 200-300 4wds charge the barge at 12pm Friday.

That doesn't make sense.  Huh