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G'day - Buzzo - 04-02-2018

G’day All.

My names Steve and I've been dropping in after finding the forum for a while and thought I'd better pull my finger out and say hi.

I've had my old Nissan ute for 19 years but lost the bug and hardly used it until a couple of years ago. The bugs well and truely back again and I'd really like to meet up with people with the same interests. I work away a lot but will come to one of your monthly meetings when a chance comes up. 


RE: G'day - White Bush Pig - 04-02-2018

Hi Steve!
It would be great to see you at one of our meetings. They are held at 7.30pm, every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the community hall on Muriel Ave at Moorooka.

RE: G'day - Buzzo - 05-02-2018

Thanks Kris.

If I can jag time off on the right day, I'll be there.


RE: G'day - troopiepete - 05-02-2018

Hi Steve

Yep noticed you account and wondered if you were planning on saying hi..

The nice thing about hobbies or activities like ours is you don't have to be a Die Hard - do it all the time person and can pick up from where you left it any time the bug bites!

Please keep an eye on the forum and our Facebook page and please if time permits pop in and say hi.

You will find us a very low pressure - fun loving group and meeting tend to be often out of control while we talk about past or up coming trips
We prefer you attend a meeting and one of our outings before actually joining but it's not a strict rule - we also will not stop you from attending several more if still undecided.

See you at a Meeting soon.

RE: G'day - Buzzo - 11-02-2018

G'day Peter.

Sounds like a great club and I'm looking forward to joining in. I just can't say when that will be, I have no idea when I'm working or when I'm not, thats why I tend to do things solo. It would be great to change that. I will be at the first meeting I'm free.


RE: G'day - troopiepete - 11-02-2018

No Problem Mate..

Curious what work do you do - if you don't mind that is..

RE: G'day - Buzzo - 11-02-2018

I'm on tugs, coastal towage mainly now but a couple of years back it was project work which was equal time. Not so lucky now, I might be away for a few days or a couple of months. 


RE: G'day - troopiepete - 13-02-2018


Wow we know these jobs exist but have not known anyone that works on them..

From time to time we will advertise an impromptu trip where several of us are heading off and welcome to additional members to join - keep your eyes on the forum and facebook pages - you are welcome to join in.

RE: G'day - Buzzo - 14-02-2018

Thank you mate, I'll be keeping an eye out.