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gday :) - smileymark - 11-04-2018

Been a solo desert rider for years just turned 61 so getting on a bit..couple years ago  due to my aging bones i bought a kia sorento, have crossed the simpson twice in that, I now want to do the CSR so bought a cruiser . Smile

RE: gday :) - Weatherman - 13-04-2018

Welcome Mark, sorry for the delay in replying but we have just had our monthly meeting (Wednesday Night ) and we talked about our 2 groups that are doing the Simpson again in May/June and we are all a bit excited. Big Grin  

We have 2 groups heading out this year, one will be doing a 4 week trip including the Hay River Track, crossing the Simpson and then on to the Madigan Line.

The other trip is a 2 week trip crossing the Simpson and straight off to Uluru with the main aim is to have a stroll up the Rock and then back by the Plenty Hwy to Winton and then off to Carnarvon gorge on the way home.

We are a small group that all love the great out doors and like going places that we can either test our skills or just sit around a good camp fire and just chat about the day just had.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the 4wd Qld hall 90 Muriel Ave, Moorooka QLD 4107 starting at 7:30pm but some of us are they by 6:45pm and as most cases we end up in the car park talking and looking at other members 4x4 and the mods just been completed.

Welcome and hope to catch up with you somewhere out in the great out doors.