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New to the Group - Bumpy - 03-08-2020

Hello Guys,

Thank you for accepting me into the group. I look forward to meeting up at your next meeting and jumping on the trails.  Currently have a D22 Nav, will be upgrading shortly.

When is your next meeting?  Smile



RE: New to the Group - White Bush Pig - 04-08-2020

Hi Brendan,
Thank you for your message and will look forward to meeting you.  Smile

Our club meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month and therefore our next meeting is on the 12th August.
Meetings are held at the 4WD Qld hall, Muriel avenue at Moorooka from 7pm.

RE: New to the Group - Bumpy - 04-08-2020

Hi Kris,

Great look forward to it.