Back of Kyogle Camping trip 5,6 March
01-03-2011, 11:03 AM,
Back of Kyogle Camping trip 5,6 March

This is restricted trip with a max of 8 cars Victor Leading; it will be taking us into restricted access areas.

Meet us at the Beaudesert - Hungary Jacks - Departing at 8am
Normally when we meet at such places some of us have our Breakfast there, so feel free to join us but ensure you get there by at least 7:30am so you can eat in comfort.

March meeting:
During the Trip we will be holding the March meeting - hence no meeting at the club rooms

About the trip:
We are planning on travelling into areas that normally you would not have access to, needles to say we have permission and the required keys to visit several un-used trails and camp in an area that is remote and isolated.

If you wish to join us please drop me a line - <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Or post your interest on this forum - but remember you need to register first.
06-03-2011, 06:07 PM,
Re: Back of Kyogle Camping trip 5,6 March

Just finished washing up after getting home from the trip.
Weather was Dry and Wet in varying degrees with only 4 cars attending is turned out to be a boys weekend out Confusedhock:

Victor has promised to do a report so I will leave it at that for now.
08-03-2011, 12:57 PM,
Re: Back of Kyogle Camping trip 5,6 March
We were lucky to make it out alive

.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_07.JPG (Size: 2.08 MB / Downloads: 774)

Sherwood lookout

.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_06.JPG (Size: 1.96 MB / Downloads: 820)

Mt Lindesay

.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_03.JPG (Size: 2.28 MB / Downloads: 762)

Mt Lindesay from Sherwood lookout

.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_05.JPG (Size: 1.92 MB / Downloads: 790)

TroopiePete ahead, shot from Nigel's 76series

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_21.JPG (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 770)

Victor, Johnny, Peter, Nigel

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_20.JPG (Size: 2.42 MB / Downloads: 740)

Toonumbar Dam

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_18.JPG (Size: 1.5 MB / Downloads: 778)

Victor and Johnny collecting firewood for the night

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_16.JPG (Size: 1.13 MB / Downloads: 843)

The campsite

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_13.JPG (Size: 1.89 MB / Downloads: 768)

There be leeches!

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_12.JPG (Size: 1.07 MB / Downloads: 767)

Paddy's Flat

.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_02.JPG (Size: 2.3 MB / Downloads: 747)

Paddy's Flat

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_06.JPG (Size: 1.61 MB / Downloads: 816)

Checking out the slimy Tooloom Falls bridge

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_07.JPG (Size: 2.51 MB / Downloads: 718)

TroopiePete crossing the Tooloom Falls bridge

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_08.JPG (Size: 1.81 MB / Downloads: 772)

Victor crossing the Tooloom Falls bridge

.jpg   2011_03_05_Kyogle_FORUM_01.JPG (Size: 1.37 MB / Downloads: 793)

Johnny crossing the Tooloom Falls bridge

Nigel crossing the Tooloom Falls bridge

Tooloom Falls, NSW

Attached Files
.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_08.JPG (Size: 1.67 MB / Downloads: 787)
.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_09.JPG (Size: 2.09 MB / Downloads: 723)
.jpg   2011_03_06_Kyogle_FORUM_10.JPG (Size: 1.22 MB / Downloads: 793)

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