moreton island clean up
12-11-2012, 08:25 PM,
moreton island clean up
Will post more details and hopefully a pic or two, but from what we saw and heard the cleanup was a success both rubbish and socially wise. The weather, however, wasn't. We survived Saturday night only to have tarps felled by a nasty squall before morning coffee on Sunday... But still keen as to go back, not as big but as but certainly as beautiful as Fraser.
13-11-2012, 08:57 PM,
Re: moreton island clean up
A 2 AM alarm call and misty rain was not the most auspicious of starts to the day, however a 5AM ferry to Moreton Island beckoned.

[Image: 8181701797_9cfd9151f0_c.jpg]
sunkissed by ross and cher, on Flickr

[Image: 8181732656_e92d20555b_c.jpg]
shiny on board by ross and cher, on Flickr

The trip over was uneventful (and the coffee upstairs good) and we arrived on Moreton around 6, with the sun trying to break through the clouds. We were grateful to be second off the barge and ahead of the pack for the run up to Bulwer and the 8.00 AM muster for the clean up, as the cuttings were “as dry as” and like talc and claimed at least one vehicle on the run up. We did a scenic tour of Bulwer (doesn’t appear to be much interest in signs over there) before finally locating the store and muster point

[Image: 8181736072_bff7551a66_c.jpg]
Dave by ross and cher, on Flickr

After the necessary paperwork, and toolbox safety talk from Dave, we were allocated into teams and given our clean up location – first surprise of the morning was that Dave, in his wisdom, had determined that we would lead a team (despite the fact that we had never been to Moreton before and arrived at the muster thinking whatever spot we were allocated, we’d just follow the leader). Second surprise of the morning was that none of our team had been to Moreton before either!

[Image: 8181695717_214679097a_c.jpg]
the crew by ross and cher, on Flickr

After taking the scenic route out of Bulwer (the lack of interest in signs is almost an aversion) we managed to find the right track and set off for the lighthouse cliffs with our united nations team (us, a Columbian couple in car 2, a Greek and NZ couple in car 3 and 2 South African Brothers, daughters and son bringing up the rear.

[Image: 8181739254_3fa9e712f2_c.jpg]
blue lagoon moreton island by cher by ross and cher, on Flickr

The track was rough and slow going but incident free. Shouldn’t come as a surprise really, but there were no signs mentioning the lighthouse once on the track, so we opted for the safe route of heading for the Eastern Beach and a quick photo stop at Blue Lagoon (Dave’s safety talk did include a mention of “winding down the windows and enjoying the journey”).

Although the clouds hadn’t lifted, the beach run was still enjoyable and mostly uneventful (a slight misjudgement of speed did involve a little bit of air time for Shiny) and we then set about the business end of the trip - walking the last couple of k’s up the beach to collect rubbish – everything from toothbrushes, to left foot thongs (Dave has a “Mad Scientist” theory about why only lefties), bottles, lids, rope, sundry plastic and a seemingly endless supply of glow sticks. Hopefully Dave can fill in the total amount collected on the morning, but there looked to be a shite load even from just one of the areas tackled.

We completed the loop back to Bulwer via another rough and soft but thankfully uneventful run up past the lighthouse and North patch, and another scenic tour of Bulwer (did I mention their aversion to signs) where the Castaways crew had fired up the barbie for a sausage sizzle which (accompanied by a quiet beer) was very welcome after the walk and sea air.

After lunch, retraced our steps down the beach to the Tangalooma bypass and went looking for a suitable campsite in what by now was fine drizzle. We went as far as Shark’s Spit but as the drizzle didn’t show any sign of abating, and that area was recovering from recent fires, we headed back up the beach and set up camp in a nice little campsite at the end of the Tangalooma Bypass track, safe in the knowledge that the last forecast we’d seen (Friday night) was for the showers to clear late Saturday, and after such an early start, and a beverage of two, an early night was required and the lack of a campfire was not such a big deal.

[Image: 8181704289_c5fb88cbcd_c.jpg]
camp shiny by ross and cher, on Flickr

Sometime thereafter, the wild weather that Dave had summoned arrived, with car shaking wind and torrential rain competing for attention for most of the night.

We were pleasantly surprised to wake to relative calm and find that only a couple of pegs had given way during the night, so after a quick fix, it was on to breakfast and coffee. Unfortunately, before we got to the coffee, the wild winds kicked in again – all pegs on the beachside gave way at once, wrapping two FBT’s around the trees, and only a flying tackle saved the shower tent from heading towards NZ …. We then had just enough time to fold the rooftop tent and the rain came again …, so everything, by now very wet and very sandy, was unceremoniously deposited in the back of Shiny and we set off for Ben Ewa campgrounds to find somewhere dry to change. At least the rain made for an easier run on the inland tracks, and as there was a short break in the rain, we had a quick stop off at the Desert on the way.

[Image: 8181698523_fc4356138c_c.jpg]
shiny at the wrecks by ross and cher, on Flickr

Although the wind kept on coming, by the time we had changed and had a cuppa, least some blue sky appeared while we had a play around the wrecks, and sussed out the campsites around Cowan Cowan before boarding the ferry for some lunch and the long trip home ….

All in all a great weekend in terms of helping make a difference, and meeting some likeminded people, as well as seeing previously uncharted territory for us. A big thanks to Dave D for organising the clean up, and to the staff of MICat/Moreton Adventures for the friendly and “couldn’t do enough for you” attitude. Despite the weather, we are keen as to get back there for a more leisurely look as although not as large as Fraser, it is every bit as beautiful …
15-11-2012, 10:10 PM,
Re: moreton island clean up
Good Report Dave,
Love the C stamp on your photo's must see how you do that!

Is there any talk about when they may run it next year as I would love to attend and maybe make it a club trip but we need more time to organise things so that we don't double book it like this weekend!

It's good to see that the bad weather was not restricted to our camp site at Sundown.
16-11-2012, 09:59 AM,
Re: moreton island clean up
TroopiePete Wrote:Good Report Dave,.

Cheers Paul Confusedhock:


Speaking to Dave from P7 offroad fairly certain it will happen again. This year was limited to 40 vehicles, not sure about next year and whether he will give preference to those that attended this year or not. Hopefully we will get more notice for next years event as we would like to organise it around an extended stay, a week would be the ticket.

And the © is done via a brush in photoshop - remind me tomorrow, should be easy to talk through

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