Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th July
03-07-2011, 04:56 PM,
Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th July
• Sat 16th – 17th – Social weekend – Christmas in July, Camping weekend at Koreelah camp grounds.

Currently we have no real plans for this activity except for having a good relaxing time, no real work or activities set - basic idea is to just go camping, sit around the Fire and basically have a relaxing weekend, possibly if some want to bring a meal or desert that can be shared you are encouraged to do so but is not a requirement, I was thinking of possibly cooking up a Damper of something like that - ideas and experience in actually making something eatable would be appreciated :-)

As this is so close to Queen marry falls and also in the Vicinity of the Condamine River run I thought it may be worth making this a Route for a club trip with the final destination our camping grounds, all welcome to join the trip our but for those not interested in this part you can simply meet us out there.
Being relatively close to Brisbane it's also possible for you to attend the event but not camp with us - totally up to you.
Either way please let me know if you intend on attending and if you intend on doing the additional Condamine Crossing trip.

What to Bring?
1 - Drinks you wish to consume or share
2 - Food you wish to Consume - and/or share
3 - Camping gear including Chairs and Tables for your use - I will be bringing a solid top plastic table for general use.
4 - Fires are permitted but not much wood is provided so please bring some timber - it will be cold so a nice Fire will help with the night.

I have attached cut out section of map showing the camping site, the Green line is an actual recording of the last trip we made to this location,

Koreelah Camp site, GPS Co-ordentates - 28.306292 S 152.464347 E

This is a pleasant camping spot at the small grassy area beside Koreelah Creek, Facilities: picnic tables, non-flush toilets
wood barbecues (bring your own firewood), Not permitted here: Gathering firewood.

For more site information contact, Phone: 02 6632 0000

Narelle and I took a drive out there on Saturday 2nd July,
This was both a day out for us and a recky all wrapped up into one, To start with we decided to take a different run so headed out to Boonah then up the range towards the Condamine, as with all trips to date the Condamine River road had a road closed sign, I still think this sign is put up by the locals and not an official sign, anyway the track is quite chopped up in some places and quite slippery but is an easy run with all the river crossings being quite shallow.
For a change I decided to follow the GPS and let it take me to the location, unfortunately it took us to the wrong end of White Swamp Road, regardless we followed this and eventually found the camp site, the site looks quite well maintained and had two couples camping, but even with this there was ample space for our little group. The road home we travelled through Beaudesert, although the GPS tells us this is the longer way I personally think it's the best way to Travel and will be the path we take for this trip.

The Plan at this stage will be to Meet at Hungary Jacks for departure at 8am Saturday Morning
Anyone that wants to have Breakfast before leaving should arrive half an hour earlier so as to not hold the trip members up.

A few maps and photo's below.

Please let me know if you intend on attending either by posting on this forum, emailing me or Phoning.

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08-07-2011, 09:46 PM,
Re: Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th Jul
One day someone else will reply to my posts Confusedhock:

Just a correction to the meeting place,

We will be Meeting a hungry jacks - Beaudesert - around 7:30am with departure time around 8am.
The idea is for some to have Breakfast at hungry's then we will head off for the trip.
Lunch may be at Queen Marry Falls or the cam site depending on how much time is spent on the track and what the group wishes to do.
I am yet to do the walk to see the falls so in any case we will be stopping, from memory there is a shop near this so some refreshments may be purchased otherwise it would be best for all to go prepared to feed yourself on the trip.
13-07-2011, 03:39 PM,
Re: Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th Jul

Ill respond if you like, however it will be to say that i highly doubt ill be coming. but ill see you tonight anyway, ill come and meet the bunch and see what i think.
13-07-2011, 04:05 PM,
Re: Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th Jul
tock Wrote:Pete

Ill respond if you like, however it will be to say that i highly doubt ill be coming. but ill see you tonight anyway, ill come and meet the bunch and see what i think.

Hi Troy

I look forward to meeting you,
No problem on the outing, there will be more - just got to sort out what they will be.
17-07-2011, 07:43 PM,
Re: Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th Jul
Just back from the outing and almost unpacked!

We had a good turn up with no one pulling out even with the rain!

On the Trip we had:
1 - Peter & Narelle - President
2 - Victor & Scott - Vice president
3 - Alan & Ping - Members
4 - Tom & Trish - New Members
5 - Joe, Anita & Bella - New Members
6 - Chris & Annie - New Members
7 - Matt, Ryan & Noah - New Member

The trip started a little late but I don't think anyone minded, the weather was depressing with a gentle sprinkle consuming most of the day, we met up with Matt at Boonah then continued on to the Condamine with a slight sight seeing tour curtsey of my bad memory and missing a turn off Confusedhock:
But we made good time splashing through the water crossings one by one then continued through to Killarney where we all had lunch at the local pub, rather than hide out under a shelter while struggling to server up lunch in the rain!
After Lunch we continued on to Queen Mary Falls where all of us walked down to see the torrent of water falling, wow so much water clearly the ground is quite saturated around these parts. Next we headed off to the Korellah Camp site, we made a rain shelter using the cars side awnings, 3 in total and all the campers set up tents for the nights rather wet stay!
A Combination of shelter and very hard to light fire we had a good night eating and drinking while sitting around the fire or under shelter, depending on the level of rain at the time, Narelle made up some very delicious sweets and Tom cooked up a very light damper so between this and food we individually cooked I think we all had enough to eat - as usual possibly too much!

Not all of our group stayed the night and headed off quite late, some time later I caught them passing our camp site for the 2nd time! seems the GPS got them lost!! you just cant trust these thing - can you Wink

Some Photo's below - hopefully more will follow.

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22-07-2011, 10:37 PM,
Re: Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th Jul
Scott has finished compiling the photo's he took during our xmas in July trip,

The Prize for best water crossing must go to Tom for managing to spray water over twice the height of his car!

Please enjoy the Photo's

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.jpg   2011_07_16 - Teviot Falls (4wdClub)_017.jpg (Size: 780.43 KB / Downloads: 954)
09-08-2011, 08:31 PM,
Re: Christmas in July, Camping weekend - Sat 16th – 17th Jul
That looked like a great trip troopy! Very disappointed that I couldn't come along but I was 3000km away from Bris!! Maybe the next one!!


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