Files section of the forum - added files
23-10-2013, 06:31 PM,
Files section of the forum - added files

I have been adding a few files to the files section of the server and cleaning up a few other sections.

The First file I have added is a 230meg compressed file that lists Free & Economy Camp sites around Australia, this is a collection of photos and brief descriptions of the areas in question, it has quite a few photo's so can take some time to download and will take even longer to navigate.

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The other files I have added into the Movies section are two movie files that Grant made of the cape trip earlier this year - again both files are large and possibly could be both reduced in size and quality but how they are is..

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** This upload is not complete, I will finish asap.

At this stage it is only possible to upload files via FTP and you need my access to do it - something I am not about to share 8-)
But in the future I hope to have this improved so members can upload without an issue.

If you think something should be added please let me know, likewise anything that should be removed.

Remember this area of the forum is visible to any internet user so all information should be regarded as public.

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