Trips and Training
11-08-2011, 05:22 PM,
Trips and Training
Ok guys and girls, I have an idea I would like to put out there and see what you think.

I am not a newbie to four wheel driving but I am a newbie to doing it in an automatic.Lots of things I know don't apply to automatics and I think I need some training.How many out there feel that other members here have valuable knowledge that they would like them to share with us all.Do you know the safest and best way to retrieve your winch rope or wire when not attached to anything? Do you know the best way to store, use and clean your snatch strap? You may not have a high lift jack but would you like to know the safest ways to use one so maybe you can help others?

I am sure there are members here that have this knowledge.
If you would like to devote a couple of hours of each trip to some training put your name up here so the committee know.
This"training" would not be acredited towards anything except helping you learn what you want to know.
It could be done at the lunch break or if preferable when some of the group are off driving. It would not be mandatory so would not interfer with driving time if that is your choice.

Just thought I would put it out there for comment so put your name up if you want to join in either as giving or recieving some knowledge.

Cheers Stockhorse
13-08-2011, 08:02 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
Good idea mate,

As Trip leader with either new members or Guests it is often a concern as to just what abilities and experiences are in the group, obviously we would prefer to avoid incidents but it is a reality at 4WD activities can be dangerous so education on how to deal with different situations is always a good idea.

There are structured driver training courses that members can participate in and at some time in the near future I hope to have more information on this type of activity but this in no way prevents us from running our own in-house sessions, but I would like to follow the correct procedures so my bad habits or those of whom ever conducts the sessions do not get carried over to our members.

A few years back our club conducted accredited driver training and the Practical lessons were carried out at Levuka 4WD park down near Urbenville.
The Park has many good hills and plenty of space so that we could run the recoveries on.

So all we need to do is chase down a few training manuals, people that want to do it and some trainers.
14-08-2011, 01:31 AM,
Re: Trips and Training
Hi guys sign me up for training I have a auto no winch yet but need training in proper use of recovery equipment say a sat or Sunday with a barby
14-08-2011, 01:46 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
Just had an idea that may work...

Do any of you guys/gals have or know of a place where there are sufficient space and hills where we could run activities like this?
15-08-2011, 03:39 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
yes i would be up foe this.

15-08-2011, 06:49 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
I have done a 4WD driving course and it's well worth it! I also started the one TLCC runs. I will dig out the manuals for u guys to have a look at.
15-08-2011, 06:57 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
TroopiePete Wrote:Just had an idea that may work...

Do any of you guys/gals have or know of a place where there are sufficient space and hills where we could run activities like this?

I dont know of many places just glass house or glider forest both would be good but glass house would suit best (of the two i know of) but i would be VERY keen on attending this "training" myself
i can even refit my winch if needed (not relyable tho dam tigerz11)
15-08-2011, 10:35 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
Our club once did actual accredited Driver training down at Levuka 4WD Park, good place to do it.

Would love to see the manuals you have, I too should have some - if I can find them!
16-08-2011, 12:05 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
Sounds good let me know when its going to be on..

Also, it seems on some other forums the words 'driver' 'training' are getting people in a huff.

Perhaps it could be refered something else.. skill building perhaps? Smile

I recall doing some similar 'training' back in another club I was in.

It was just an informal thing we did occasionally to learn/sharpen out skills, it was more so done for competitions, eg logan challenge so that we have the best chance to complete safely.

Are we going to make a winch with a hole, and some logs? I hope not its hard work Smile

I'll have to find a video of it, we did it at A Logan Challenge years back, even bridge building was done

Maybe we should work out somethings to do a few at a time and go out learn some safe, new skills?

I'll get back to uni work now Smile

16-08-2011, 05:22 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
Ok let's say it's NOT driver training but I would love to do a refresher weekend
Where we can get to gather and exchange the new and/or better ways of proforming
Recovers :lol:
16-08-2011, 07:07 PM,
Re: Trips and Training
Yep it seems some do get there panties in a knot over that wording Big Grin

Just love having to explain myself over and over and over!

I phoned Peter from the 4WDA Forum today and had a nice long - very long conversation with him over the matter, he was actually quite helpful.
And yes it is not Driver Training in no form or manor - it's um a get to know you weekend or day where we get to share ideas and methods for recovery.

Ok now we have that sorted we need to work out a place and a time,
I am still thinking of a camping weekend but a day would be fine, few good hills at Janowen Hills or maybe somewhere different?
Traditionally our club has conducted this sort of activity at Levuka and it would still be one of my preferences but this location would be best as a Weekend activity and I know this can be difficult for some.

For my the timing needs to be some time after the 12th of September as I will be on holidays until then travelling around QLD with Narelle and a few friends, maybe some weekend late September or in October - ideas anyone on dates?

If any of you find some training material I would be interested in looking at it but I will be drawing up a points based information sheet that will eventually be available in the Members section of the Forum, along with convoy procedures and other club related information.
09-12-2011, 01:36 AM,
Re: Trips and Training
im keen as on this..... as im new to 4wding i wouldnt mind getting some pointers im a bit panicky when the car tilts a bit i have to get out and look and see if all 4 wheels are on the ground most of the time the cabin sits straight haha but i just panic lol so yeh really keen on this
09-12-2011, 09:07 AM,
Re: Trips and Training
gq4.2gas Wrote:im keen as on this..... as im new to 4wding i wouldnt mind getting some pointers im a bit panicky when the car tilts a bit i have to get out and look and see if all 4 wheels are on the ground most of the time the cabin sits straight haha but i just panic lol so yeh really keen on this

Mate it's only natural to worry when you are slammed up against the drivers door and life seems a tad tilted :lol:
You should try it in a Troopy and yes I have experienced 2 or more wheels off the ground on a few cases, Troopy doesn't like side slopes :oops:

We don't carry out driver training any more as we simply don't have members with the Qualification and it is an administration nightmare!
So in the new year we need to chase up to see what courses people are offering and see if we can get a club deal with them.

There are also courses to assist trip leaders to assess the track conditions for the correct grading.

Finally we seriously should look at doing First Aid training or refreshers, I did one many years back but must admit rust has set in!
Being a licensed Electrician I do have regular Resus training but that's not going to help me if someone is suffering from a broken limb :o

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