LADA makes a comeback 2017
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LADA makes a comeback 2017
Read this and weep Angry or go out a buy one Big Grin

for those who know our Club was originally the LADA 4wd club, but we have only one member now who still has one
Yes you can still buy second hand ones on Gumtree with lots of parts too
Our current logo has the LADA as its base design too but anyway here is the Officail Blurb:"

"Everyone’s favourite pioneering Russian SUV, the Lada Niva, turns 40 years old this year – making it just about ready for an update.

Reports this week suggest that Lada’s parent company, AutoVAZ, is finally looking to move the ‘darling of the field’ (Russian translation for Lada Niva) to a new and more modern platform, for launch in 2018."

check out this website for the full gossip


Go Benny! and just for you to remember the original version in pristine condition

Secretary 2012/2017

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