20170819 Sundown National Park
10-06-2017, 11:51 PM,
20170819 Sundown National Park
Sundown National Park - Camping plus nominated track maintenance.
Weekend of 19th/20th August, however an extra day or 2 would be great if you can get it off work. (Ekka public holiday is on Wed 16th, so possibility to take 17th & 18th off)? 
Meeting: 8am Shell servo at Aratula for an 8.30 leave time.
UFH channel 28.
As there could be some track maintenance involved, be sure to bring a pair of gloves, eye protection, hatchet, machete or chainsaw etc.
It WILL be cold so be sure to dress and prepare appropriately for the conditions. Sitting around a roaring campfire is always something to look forward to though!

Sundown can be quite rocky with possibility of sharp shaly stones in some areas, so a good set of at least all terrain tyres is recommended for this trip.
11-06-2017, 07:57 AM,
RE: 20170819 Sundown National Park
I am very keen to head down on Exhibition Wednesday and stay for 5 days.  There are a couple of tracks that this amount of time in the park would allow for doing.  I will explore the time off option on Monday, can't see a problem.
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