2018 Cape York
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2018 Cape York
Well after a conversation with Kris about the Cape a few weeks ago I found myself doing some trip planning.  As such with permission to travel I am keen to go again.  Express you interest here as from previous experience the sooner you start planning and the further out the more enjoyable the trip will be.

When will we go, just have to be between May and September.  What will we see, well that is still to be decided, about the only thing that would be set is 4 weeks Brisbane to Brisbane.  If your interested let us know here.  Most importantly start advising on the places that you want to see, 4 weeks is not that long but most things can be done.

Even if you not coming and know of some iconic places, don't hold back.
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RE: 2018 Cape York
Here are some places that I would like to see and / or see again.  I will hopefully populate the post with links to sites for the destination.

Old Coach Road (to Maytown)

Running Creek Road

Old Coen Road

Lockhart River

There’s another, lesser-known blast associated with the A-bombs in Australia that few people know about. In July 1963, a bomb, Operation Blowdown, was exploded at Iron Range on Cape York Peninsula. However, a decision had been made to simulate an A-bomb blast, using 50t of TNT sitting on top of a 140ft tower in the middle of the virgin rainforest. The lush grassy clearing, a few hundred metres in circumference, can still be seen just south of the junction on the Portland Roads to Lockhart River Road.

Frenchmans Track

Pennefather River 

Old Telegraph Track

Skardon River

Mutte Head

Usher Point / Sadd Point

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get to the office. Robert Frost (1874-1964)

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RE: 2018 Cape York
I guess I had better get some work done to the house so I can look to go on this trip. Confused
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RE: 2018 Cape York
The following is my plan only showing travel days NOT the total days. There will be rest days and visits to local spots.

My dates (which have been fairly well locked in due to my partner being a school teacher taking long service which has to be booked 12 months prior) are:

Leave Brisbane on Tuesday 17th AM July 2018 and a mad drive to Cairns for Wed 18th PM.
Rest day in Cairns to stock and final prep on the vehicles Thurs. 19th
Leave Cairns Fri. 20th. - Travel day 1
Travel day 11 - Arrive Cairns 10th August 2018. This date is variable but my son who will be travelling with us needs to be back in Melbourne on the 18th Aug. 2018. This is allowing around 9 days to rest, fish and do the touristy stuff.

We have an extra week so we will probably meander our way back to Brissie around the 25th Aug 2018.

Having never been there, I'm open to suggestions as well. Also happy for this to be a club trip.

Travel Day 1
Cairns --> Mossman Gorge Centre (77.5km)
Mossman Gorge Centre --> Lions Den Hotel via Cape Tribulation Road and Bloomfield Track (140km)
Lions Den Hotel --> Cooktown (30km)
Travel Day 2
Cooktown --> Isabella Falls via Battlecamp Road (41km)
Isabella Falls --> Old Laura Homestead via Battlecamp Road (68km)
Old Laura Homestead --> Hann River Roadhouse via Battlecamp Road then Peninsula Development Road (100km)
Hann River Roadhouse --> The Bend Campsite, 2km north of Coen via PDR (175km)
Travel Day 3
The Bend Campsite --> Archer River Roadhouse via PDR ( 67km)
Archer River Roadhouse --> Bramwell station via PDR and Telegraph Road (165km)
Travel Day 4
Bramwell Station --> Old Telegraph Track --> Dulhunty River camping spot
Travel Day 5
Dulhunty River camp spot --> Old Telegraph Track --> Fruitbat Falls --> Eliot Falls camp spot
Travel Day 6
Eliot Falls --> Nolans Brook South Bypass Road --> Bamaga Road --> Nolans Brook North Bypass Road --> Old Telegraph Track --> Jardine River
Jardine river --> Jardine Ferry
Jardine river ferry --> Seisa Holiday Park via Bamaga Road (48km)
Do the tip, do the 5 beach drive, WW2 wrecks etc


Travel Day 7
Seisa Holiday Park --> Jardine River Ferry via Bamaga Road (48km)
Jardine River Ferry --> Fruit bat falls via Bamaga Road (52km)
Fruit Bat Falls --> Bramwell Station via Bamaga Road (126km)
Bramwell Station --> Moreton Telegraph Station (48km)
Travel Day 8
Moreton Telegraph Station --> Frenchmans Track --> Chilli Beach camp site (150km)
Travel Day 9
Chilli Beach camp site --> Archer River Roadhouse (162km)
Archer River Roadhouse --> Musgrave Roadhouse via PDR (174km)
Travel Day 10
Musgrave Roadhouse --> Lakefield Ranger Base via Marina Plains Road and Lakefield Road (112km)
Lakefield Ranger Base --> Kalpowar Crossing Campsite
Travel Day 11
Kalpowar Crossing camp site --> Laura split rock Aboriginal art gallery via Lakefield Road and Battlecamp road (87km)
Laura --> Palmer River Roadhouse via PDR (93km)
Palmer River Roadhouse --> Cairns (216km)

"If you're going out there, I'll give you a tip. It's wild and it's rough and you're in for a trip. But once you've gone this far off the track, you won't turn around, and you'll never look back."
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RE: 2018 Cape York
Don't forget your whistle.

It really doesn't matter, just so long as you go.  You will get a taste of it and work out what you would like to see next time and what doesn't really need to be seen again.  Just make sure your flexible with your times other than start and finish.  You will find that in cases road conditions will be great or rubbish, camp sites will be over populated and depending on numbers how long the line is for the creek crossing.  From memory we may have taken over 3 hours at Nolans Brook including lunch.  Chilli Beach is 100% booking required especially during school holidays.  Frenchmans Track allow the better part of the whole day, both rivers can have their fun bits.

Whatever time you take you will enjoy it.
The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get to the office. Robert Frost (1874-1964)

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RE: 2018 Cape York
Here is the latest update for Cape York.  It doesn't sound good for Vrilya Point, a lovely place.


I you haven't done yet, purchase the guide book.  When we were last up the Cape this was our bible.

www.cape-york-australia.com newsletter@cape-york-australia.com via mailout.sitebuildit.com 
The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get to the office. Robert Frost (1874-1964)


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