20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
11-08-2017, 11:04 PM,
20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip

I know you are all saying did we not just do a Simpson Trip!

So what I want to go Back and several of us will still have valid SA Desert Passes so why not!

Looking at this being a 3 week trip crossing the Desert Twice - only issue is the 2nd crossing is almost 900Km between Fuel stations...
Long Range tanks anyone   Big Grin 

Ok I have only spent a few hours putting this together and it needs heaps of peaking and the finish of the trip has a big hole... Maybe this is where we rest for a few days or maybe it's to allow more time in the Desert if we want - its up to you..

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Regards, Peter
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12-08-2017, 08:38 AM,
RE: 20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
Just let me say I am interested.  The dates suit as it's post Comm Games and birthdays, wedding anniversay and mother's day.  Can I look at locking in holidays.
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25-08-2017, 02:13 PM,
RE: 20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
Pete, I would also suggest going up to the Simpson Geographical Centre north off the French line .There is a basic track up there now . Its a good 6 to 7 hour each way mainly between the dunes then about 5 km of east west travel over dunes at the end.It's about 80 km each way. Expect km/litre slightly more than driving on French Line
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25-08-2017, 06:34 PM,
RE: 20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
Hi Joe

Yep that had been on my mind but not sure on time as it has also been proposed to continue onto Alice and Ayres Rock returning on the Hay River track..
Way to many things to see out that way and never enough time!
Regards, Peter
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RE: 20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
Not sure if many of you have noticed but the Fraser Island Clean-up for 2018 just happens to be on the weekend I proposed starting the Simpson Trip so it's been proposed that we start the Trip from Fraser Island then continue on from there...

On that thought I have mapped out the most direct route according to Google -

Simpson 2018

Start Trip from Fraser Island Cleanup on Monday..
Deapart Fraser island camp site 9am Monday,
Drive to Barge - 1.5hr
Barge ride 30 min
Travel from inskip to Rainbow Beach 
Air up, Clean windscreens and wash cars.
Early Lunch at Bakery 
Estimate 1hr total - Depart Rainbow Beach - Aprox 12pm (possibly later)

Rainbow Beach to Gympie - 72.7km 51Min

Refuel - 30min - Possible shopping stop 
Depart Gympie - 1:30pm


Gympie to Birdsville - 25hrs - 1,558 Km

Gympie - Wide Bay Hwy
Ficks Crossing - Bunya Hwy
(Chinchilla Wondai RD)
Chinchilla - Warrego Hwy

First Night Camp - Find a spot (Showers needed)
Depart Miles 9am 

Mt Abundance
Mitchell - 2hrs 30Min from Miles - arrive 11:30aprox 
(Hot Springs bath stop for a swim.. then Lunch)

Possible 2nd Night Camp depending on time we have.. but the hot Pools are a nice spot to veg out for a few hours :-)
Free camp site in town I think.

(Diamantina Development RD)
Cooladdia CPA
Quilpie - 4hrs 14min from Mitchell - possible Lunch stop

(Quilpie Windora Rd)
Windora - 636km from Mitchell - Possible 3rd Camp spot 

(Diamantina Development Rd)
(Birdsville Development Rd)
Deons Lookout
(Eyre Developmental Rd - Birdsville Track)
Birdsville - 379km from Windorah - Should arrive after Lunch.

4th Night at Birdsville Caravan Park 

Prosed trip in the Excel sheet - 
.xls   Simpson trip 2018 From Fraser.xls (Size: 58.5 KB / Downloads: 34)

We have several options from this point including diverting to the Centre of the Simpson Desert on the way through..
It has also been suggested we could to the Hay River Track then down the K1 to Innaminka - But this is a long run without Fuel..

We have many possible options and it's still early in the planning stage so if you are interested in joining up and have a place you wish to visit please speak up now!

At some stage in the next month or two we may look at having a planning meeting - this will be covered at the September Club meeting.
Regards, Peter
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01-09-2017, 02:57 PM,
RE: 20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
Looks good peter,

Yep a bit of a bugger that FICU is on that late in the month but hay. 

We would be looking at heading out through Birdsville as mention in your trip plan and then heading straight across the Simpson with one night camp if its possible to cross in 2 days then stop over at Dalhousie Spring  for a day then head off to Mt Dare for fuel and head towards The rock with a bush camp along the way arriving at the rock the next day in time to enjoy the sun set over the Rock. Waking up to watch the sun raise the next morning and heading up to Alice Spring about 3 1/2 hrs away.

From here Wendy and I would leave the group and head North to Tindal air base for a few days as our daughter has moved up there and head home back through Mt Isa on the black top.

From Alice the group could head back south through one of the lest travelled tracks to Fink, Mt Dare then Dalhousie or head of on a different direction. 

Just my 2c worth.

Happy 4wding

Steve (Weathermen)

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