2020 Cape York May - Aug
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2020 Cape York May - Aug
Hi everyone this is to start the planning for our trip as it is beginning to take shape

Destination is Cape York Tip of Australia northern most point of mainland Australia with obligatory photo at the sign some 2700 kls north from Brisbane

Plenty to see on the way up Tongue
Plenty to see on the way home Tongue

This trip can be as hard or as easy as you like, and we can all take different routes from Brisbane to the Cape and home again

But it would be so good to all meet up at the tip and spend some time exploring the area together  Big Grin

some of us have been before but are itching to go again - I went in 2012 and wanted to go back the day I got home

Darryl has  already made some recommendations on another 2018 thread so go look at them if you like


I will print them separately on this Thread too

Best information available  Idea
Acquaint yourself with this publication even Ron Moon recommends it as it will give you tips and hints and you can buy the really helpful down loadable Full Destination Guide for only $27 or just  print the free pocket guide , Katrin updates it regularly and you can get on information emails too  you just can't beat it


Talk about it , comment on it, even curse at it, 
but if you go you will know what a treat the North can show  Cool 

Start the Rumour

Darryl's Recommendations

Here are some places that I would like to see and / or see again.  I will hopefully populate the post with links to sites for the destination.

Old Coach Road (to Maytown)

Running Creek Road

Old Coen Road

Lockhart River

There is another lesser known blast associated the A-bombs in Australia that few people know about,
In July 1963 and bomb "Öperation Blowdown" was exploded at Iron Range on Cape York Peninsula
However a decision had been made to simulate an A-bomb blast  using 50ton of TNT sitting on top of a 140ft tower in the middle of the virgin rainforest
The lush grassy clearing a few hundred metre in circumference can still be seen just south of the junction on the Portland Road and Lockhart River Road

Frenchmans Track

Pennefather River 

Old Telegraph Track

Skardon River

Mutte Head

Usher Point / Sadd Point


so what are yours please leave your comments or Wishlist on this thread
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RE: 2020 Cape York May - Aug
Can highly recommend the gold field ruins...……..no signage to get in (I do have the plot files from hema on my tablet) and the track is deteriorating badly but worth it.

Muttee head...……….fantastic.

there are quite a few places I didn't get to and want to get to

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