2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
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2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Hi everyone 
We are planning a trip to Moreton Island with a four day starting on the Friday and going through to the Tuesday coming home late
and a two day tour starting Saturday that will have you home on Sunday night 

Vehicle access permit and camping fees apply You will need to book directly by visiting the website 


Check out the website so you are familiar with it 
It is quite a pleasant journey on board and if you haven't been before you are in for a treat

The Idea is for the 4 day tour board Thursday night  or early Friday morning and start to tour the island on the first day
The two day tour can board Friday night or Sat morning and catch up with the crew on the island at a designated spot

Then we tour the Eastern Beaches and all  points of interest

There is a lot to see that will be of interest

More Details to come
12-10-2018, 07:06 AM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days Feb/March
Hello sir lezs

Whilst over on moreton may I suggest in your travels whilst down on the southern end

You must pay a visit to the GUTTER Bar at Kooringal

The beer is cold but their seafood platters are just wonderful

13-10-2018, 02:43 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days Feb/March
Ok I have had a look at the tide times and heights during February and March along with peak periods for Micat fees and I think the prime time is the weekend of 1/2 March 2019.

Tides are generally high in the morning and afternoon with a low around lunchtime early afternoon making it easy to travel around the island.

At this time the Micat has full capacity for booking.   

Further discussion at the November meeting.  

Participant numbers for this trip will only be limited by Micat bookings.

I will do a trip plan based on what people would like to see.  Even if you can only make it for the weekend you should be able to see most of it.

What is there to see you ask?  Shipwrecks? , Lighthouses, Lookouts, Lakes, WW2 battlements and bunkers and cafe's.  

What can you do? Scenic walks, coffees , fishing.

We may be able to visit Spooky Island, otherwise known as Tangalooma Resort, depending if they are open to day visitors.

Where will we camp?  That will depend on what we want to see and do.

Most of the campsites have long drop toilets?  and (cold only?) showers? .  A few campsites DON'T allow camp fires ?.  We won't be staying there.

Leave your wishlist below and I'll work up an itinenary.
15-10-2018, 04:10 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days Feb/March
I believe I also remember seeing on some program that there is someone over there that does tours of the wrecks and you paddle around in clear plastic kayaks so you can see everything underneath. They also do this at night with lights on the kayaks under the water which seemed to also attract the marine life.
It looked pretty cool from memory though I can't recall the name of the operator or the costs, though could be worthwhile checking into for that sort of experience?
15-10-2018, 04:41 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days Feb/March

I believe there is a Truck that is parked opposite the Wrecks that hires out the Clear Canoes and other water sports through the day but not sure about the night but would think they would do that as well, worth looking into.

Remember with the High tides late arvo or early evening we might not be able to get back to our camp if we are staying on the eastern side or up the top near North point.

Sound like we could lock in the dates for that weekend if it doesn't clash with any school Hols.

15-10-2018, 07:18 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days Feb/March
Dates are out of school holidays and anything else except somebody's birthday, wedding aniversary, you get the idea.

I can check on the Wreck adventures when I'm over there in the next couple of weeks.  Report at November meeting.
15-10-2018, 07:32 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days Feb/March
Hello gents

i was there in August of this year

And there is a guy with a truck at the wrecks that does hire out everything you may need to go out into the water

01-01-2019, 11:08 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
okay I guess we got a hot topic for the January meeting as I checked latest fees on the Micat site are 75 - 85 over to Moreton and 75 - 80 to get back home depending on your selected days Idea 

14 Howard Smith Drive Port of Brisbane to just north of Tangalooma Wrecks

Vehicle permit = 51.60
Camping at 6.55 per person per night and family 2 adults + 2 kids = 26.20 per night

Getting excited looks like I can go this time  Big Grin 
Lets explore all we can this time, and because it has been some time since I last went there in a boat fishing and camping at Cowan Cowan with no permits then haha

cya soon
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RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Yep not sure on the rest of you but My Troopy is over the lower limit that you possibly priced so need to pay the extra - may get away without doing this but just saying..
I will not know until closer to the date if I can do this trip but would love to - may even look at extra days but again until I get my roster I will not know.

WOO HOO looks like I can go!!
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RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Ferry times for March please note two ferries on some days
please note the little numbers under the cost are people and then cars
the minimum length of vehicle is 5.2 metres and costs go up from there
so measure from front to rear including tyre
easy way is to place stick or broom handle vertically in front of you car mark it on the ground repeat for rear  and then measure it

Book your camping for Blue Lagoon campsite with Parks


Going there times


coming back times

10-01-2019, 07:49 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Quick update.  We have 3 committed to this trip, Peter, Les and myself.

It looks like Peter and I will be heading over on the Thursday and returning on the Tuesday.  Les is coming over on Friday and returning Sunday.

My last trip over was a weekend, over on Saturday and return Sunday.  We managed to drive around the entire island and whilst a whistle stop tour saw everything except Mt Tempest which is quite the walk and takes a couple of hours.  

The best thing about Moreton is most of us can be on the island within 3 hours of leaving home.

Don't forget only on barge a day over and back, if it's booked out you can't come.

Most importantly, the majority of camp sites allow fires.  

If your coming book camping at Blue Lagoon.
17-01-2019, 06:33 PM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Just Confirming - I am now booked on the Ferry for Thursday Morning returning Tuesday Afternoon 
Yet to book camping but will do that soon.

As with Fraser provided you have actually paid for camping most camp sites are fine to use so we may as we did last trip camp in several different locations as time goes.
Last trip we discovered a few top spots so who knows where we may end up.

But as mobile coverage can be scratchy we need to arrange a meeting point for late comers so please let us know if you are attending.
23-01-2019, 07:25 AM,
2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Micat booked, over on Thursday, back on Tuesday.

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15-02-2019, 11:54 AM,
RE: 2019 Moreton Island Trip 2-4 days 1 Sat - 2 Sun March 2019
Near to last call for anybody interested in this trip.  Some slots on the ferry are full and others are filly fast.  If you can't get on the MiCat you can't make this trip.  This will be both an action packed trip with ample time for relaxing.

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