Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
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Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
Time to plug this in our timeline for 2019 for outings

Be aware there will be a time early in 2019 to commit to being on the Island so stay tuned for further information
you will need to pay up front admin for your intention to go and you get a sticker
and then barge fees are usually payable on the ferry itself with your FICU sticker

Camping is usually planned for our club to one site

Not sure if we can nominate for particular work but we all enjoyed winching out lantana last time

Can only ask

We can always stay later than Monday and cruise the Island's  interesting features and abandoned sites

Information courtesy of 4wdqld

FICU 2019 confirmed 10-13th of May, Mothers day weekend
  • Wanting to meet with QPWS plan to discuss amending FICU Collaborative Agreement to increase total number of vehicles from current maximum of 350 vehicles
  • Some shirts left over from last years events are available for sale
  • Currently working on the website for registration – should be available towards the end of 2018. It will be same as Corroboree website
  • David from QLD Club won the photo competition to be included on 2019 shirt design
  • 2 raffle prize drawers next year 2019. One to general public at National 4x4 Show in March, other will be members only on Fraser Island
  • When website registrations go live the FICU Committee will try and attend club meetings to provide information
  • Bayside Club suggested that clubs consider assisting Ocean Crusaders at FICU event
  • FICU Committee is currently 8 members and looking for more members to join Committee
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RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
Hi Everyone further information regarding the FICU event this year and we as a club need to decide where we want to camp and what we want to do  like weeding etc.

I can then email off our preferences to FICU

Club Allocations

Club camp, clean / weed allocations will be published mid March following registrations closing on the 1st of March 2019.

Trip leaders please feel free to provide your club’s camping (please provide 3 preferences), cleaning and UHF preferences ASAP by emailing

Club -Total - Vehicles - Total Volunteers - UHF Channel - Camping Area Requested - Leader

Weekend Itinerary

Friday 10th May 2019
6:00am – Clubs commence arriving on Island and setting up camp at allocated camping area or club organised private campground.
3:00pm – Event Check In Eurong
All volunteers or trip leaders to attend check in.
Raffle tickets and merchandise available for sale.

Saturday 11th May 2019
8:00am – Event check in Eurong Beachfront.
Remaining volunteers or trip leaders who did not attend check in on Friday to attend check in
Raffle tickets and merchandise available for sale.
Explore Fraser Island. Clubs and volunteers enjoy a day of leisure.

Sunday 12th May 2019 (Mother’s Day)
8:00am  – Clubs and volunteers to commence cleaning / weeding allocated areas, minimum of 6 hours across the event weekend required.
1.30pm – Yidney Rocks Volunteer BBQ. Enjoy a sausage sizzle and drink while kicking back admiring the best view on the island.
Networking opportunity with clubs and volunteers.
Raffle tickets and merchandise available for sale $5ea or 3 tickets for $10
4:00pm – 4WD QLD Fraser Island Clean Up Volunteer BBQ at Cathedrals on Fraser, $10 fee per person to attend
Networking opportunity with clubs and volunteers.
Raffle tickets and merchandise available for sale.
4.30pm – Dinner commences (kids to be fed first).
5:00pm – Sponsors in attendance, certificates of appreciation issued. Raffle ticket sales close.
5.30pm – Clean up statistics communicated.
6:00pm – Raffle draws
7:00pm – End of BBQ, clubs to travel back to camp or stick around and enjoy the entertainment.

Monday 13th May 2019
Clubs and volunteers commence departing Fraser Island.

Tide Times 
looks good for an early start to Friday morning ferry and journey north Low tide 6.30am and high tide 21.13pm

9 TH 0521 0.81 1104 1.38 1627 0.75 2337 1.98 
10 FR 0628 0.85 1213 1.32 1722 0.84 
11 SA 0040 1.93 0743 0.84 1339 1.31 1837 0.90 
12 SU 0153 1.89 0859 0.79 1500 1.38 2004 0.91 
13 MO 0302 1.89 0959 0.71 1611 1.49 2135 0.86 
14 TU 0404 1.90 1049 0.62 1708 1.63 2244 0.77 
15 WE 0500 1.89 1129 0.55 1756 1.77 2340 0.70

Traditional Owners – Butchulla People

Culture and History

The Island has a rich and ancient indigenous history. The Butchulla People referred to the Island as K’gari which means paradise. Archaeologists believe that Fraser Island supported up to 3000 people who lived on marine animals and terrestrial plants.

Evidence of Butchulla settlement in archaeological sites, midden heaps, ceremonial bora rings, fish traps, scarred trees, campsites and stone implements date back to between 1500 and 2500 years ago. However the Butchulla People are thought to have lived on Fraser Island for more than 5000 years.

There are many sites of social and spiritual significance. It is very important to respect those sites. European settlement had a devastating impact on the indigenous population.

Although a few descendants continue to live on the Fraser Island their cultural heritage and ability to maintain their traditional practices have considerably diminished. Native Title was granted in 2014 which recognised the Island’s indigenous heritage and native owners the Butchulla People.

The Butchulla call the island K’gari or paradise after a creation spirit who was unable to leave the beauty of the area. There are three principles in Butchulla lore:

  1.    What is good for the land comes first
  2.    Do not touch or take anything that does not belong to you
  3.    If you have plenty you must share

.pdf   fraser-island-map.pdf (Size: 265.15 KB / Downloads: 95)
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RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
From: [
Sent: Monday, 5 November 2018 3:06 PM
To: 'Miles Brennan'
Subject: FICU Website Now Active for User Registrations
Importance: High

Dear 4WD Queensland Clubs and Members,
The FICU Committee would like to advise the new website is now live, and ready for club members and sponsored visitors to register for the 2019 event.
When you register, you’ll need:
  • 12 character password (mixed alphanumeric, with numbers and a special character)
  • Select your correct 4WD Club from the drop down
  • Choose whether you are a “Financial Member” or “Sponsored Visitor” from your club
  • Fill in remaining registration fields and select “Register”
  • You will receive a “Validation Email”, which contains a link to activate your account, you will only be able to log in, after activating your account with the link.

If you don’t receive the emails, please check your email SPAM / JUNK folders – emails will be addressed from “
You can update your details at any time via the “Accounts Page”, after logging in.
Remember, as a minimum, you will need to purchase a vehicle registration from the shop (for each vehicle you take), which will be used to coordinate your vehicle permit for the FICU activity.
VISITORS are required to coordinate their own vehicle access permits via the QPWS website:
IF YOU ARE A TRIP LEADER: Please let use know if you are one of your club’s trip leaders for the FICU activity, so we can give to access to manage your club members.
Welcome aboard, FICU Committee.
Kind regards,
Miles Brennan
Vehicle Standards & ICT Services

Four Wheel Drive Queensland 
P.O. Box 174
Brisbane Markets, QLD, 4106

Mobile: 0434 947 917


17-11-2018, 04:04 PM,
RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
At the November meeting the preferred campsites are:

1. Awinya Creek

2.  Burad

3.  Guraman

Les, I don't remember who needs these details.  Are you able to help?
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RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
the Fraser Cleanup

Fraser Cleanup

Hey Les as it appears that you are the leader

Go into the Rego site and you can request your favourite camp spot and mention that the RC boys love doing landana removal

20-11-2018, 03:08 PM,
RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
Hi, I believe that FICU have been informed abut our choices of camp spots and activity we prefer. Correct me If I'm wrong Les.

22-11-2018, 08:12 AM,
RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
Hello mr Trip leader

The FICU committee has your request in hand and hopefully all will be good

26-11-2018, 03:42 PM,
RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019

Registered but cannot attend - will cancel at the last minute to hold it open.
09-01-2019, 11:32 PM,
RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
Okay after much discussion at January's Club Meeting about what is included in the now $10 registration fee I looked up the website to clarify the confusion

the Fraser Island costs are $10 Registration fee and another $10 for Thankyou dinner which you have to purchase in the shop once you are registered for the FICU website

Payment of the registration will get you a spot on the island for the clean-up  Cool

As the shock of paying for your dinner was voiced this meeting  Angry it will again be discussed at next club meeting in February as a club whether we go or make up individual minds
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RE: Fraser Island Clean Up FICU 10-13 May 2019
Ngkala Rocks video just made 7 April

Lots more rocks on show and have to use bypass tracks as no low tide access
and further rocks north have been exposed
prediction is Sandy Cape is possible at low tide to mid tide both ways but you gotta time it right

They have other Fraser Island videos too if you wanna know

General beach access

Inskip Point has significantly less sand too

Plenty of videos to watch just click on the CrayonBox Flying Adventures name and it will take you to a list of them
happy watching

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