20190715 Big Red Bash 2019
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20190715 Big Red Bash 2019

WOW still coming to grips with the fact that my HUGE trip is now over and I am back at work!
I would present a few photo's and Videos at the Club Meetings but due to work commitments this seems impossible over the next few months.

I know there was at least one other club member present at this event but in a Crowd of over 9,000 people it was hard to simply bump into them.. 
It was only on the Thursday that I even managed to catch up with a few friends and this was purely by chance that we were sitting only a few chairs apart.

Where do I start..
Well we realised that to get a half decent camp site we needed an early booking so online while in Alice Springs we paid the additional $88 for a Monday entry, next time I will do a Sunday!!
This worked out perfect timing wise and would give us a few days in the Simpson Desert... WRONG! .. why you ask..
Well During the Canning Stock Route trip my travel mates Hummer H2 Roof racks disintegrated and were only held on with cable ties and straps so Nigel ordered new Racks while at Halls Creek with the assurance they would be in Alice Springs on time.. yep well two nights in Alice turned into three waiting for the racks to arrive.. when they did we fitted them and by mid Thursday morning were able to depart ending up Camping the First night on the Fink line, Friday morning had us at Mt Dare for an early Lunch, Dalhousie Springs for a quick dip and camping on the French line only about half an hour away from the Rig Road turn off, next morning we set off turning south to the Rig Road then to save time decided to stick with the WAA line until we hit the Knolls Track where we turned north to then join back up with the French line camping only a few km from Poeppel Corner, next morning "Sunday 14th" we continued on visiting Poepples for a short stop before continuing on to camp on the Eastern side of Ayre Creek after doing the shorter bypass due to flooding. Monday Morning we Headed off to Big Red then Birdsville to pick up out ticked before heading back to Big Red for the Bash. 
On the road to Birdsville I suffered a failure of an earlier tyre plug and had to change to my spare.. wow the continual train of cars and caravans headed to the bash started to make us nervous that maybe we should have set off earlier!.. Did see Kurt .. I think buzzing past while changing my flat but that was the first and last time - 9K+ People what can I say!

Once in Birdsville we sorted out a few things then proceeded to the information centre to pick up our early pass stickers and wrist bands that gave us entry to the event, then picked up a fresh fill of water and headed to the event, on entry we ended up about 1/3 rd back from the stage area, this was still a significant walk but it could have been way worse, we could see the stage and hear the sound system from camp so did not miss out on much even while at camp.. but once at the stage area we were reluctant to go back to camp so for the time we were there almost all food and drinks that we did not carry in was purchased from the food vans - only issue with that was Cash only!! Note to self bring more cash! 

A few things about the camp sites..
The Ground in the area is a fine gray dirt/dust that seems to have worked it's way into most of my gear!
The Toilets were well placed and seemed to the most part to be sufficient for the number of people, interesting design consisting of purpose made enclosures sited over modified wheelie bins with drains for the fluids that ran back to a pit where 2x1000L water containers gathered the liquid waste, men's urinal consisted of a sheet metal wall with a standard roof gutter attached on a slope draining into a large bucket filled with sawdust - this too drained into the water containers - the main toilets has a large bag of sawdust and small tins that you filled up and sprinkled over your deposit.
Each camping area was fenced off into large blocks with wide pathways between them to provide access to different areas, once in camp your car was not to move but I did find out that some with Caravans were able to drop the van off then park outside where they were able to drive into town during the event.

Some Photo's of the camp site.

During the entire event including the early entry on Monday there were things happening at the Stage area or just out of it, vendors like Hema and MDC had stalls and other tents had things you could buy, I did not find out until after the event that some of them actually had FPos so could have taken card purchases - as there was zero phone service at the site!
The Stage area opened each day around 12pm depending on the activities - we usually did not venture down until late afternoon but this changed to suit what we were interested in.
There was a wide range of events that you could get involved in, some involving a interesting array of dress ups or other things - if you were board it was your own fault as there was almost always something going on, including sliding down Big Red - this was too energetic for me so gave that a miss.

The Stage area was very well set up and included two large very bright screens that could be seen day or night, these provided a good view of the stage and often included live footage from a Drone that was often seen hovering above the stage, at night there was also 2 separate Laser light displays often showing action figures behind the stage - this seemed to be absent on the last night, no idea why.
I have not seen any Professional footage of the bands but would be surprised if nothing was recorded as it was very professionally done.


One of the highlights of the event was the level of crowd involvement in the acts, yes this has been done many times in the past but to be there is just a different level.

Finally the Friday packup and departure was interesting, some departed the day before or at least had there cars outside to leave after Midnight Oil finished, but most of us Departed on the Friday morning, we delayed our packing until after Breakfast thinking that the crowd would be trying to get out earlier and while there were quite a few it seems many had the same idea as us so there was a period of no traffic then when we were ready it was on for all.. think we sat in the Queue for about half an hour but once we started moving it was not too bad.
I was unable to fuel up on the Monday so filled up on Friday on the way out, must say that went way quicker than I thought it would have..
As most of the traffic was headed East we went north to Bedourie, while this was not without a large number of other travellers with the same idea it was not a bad drive and we managed to have a nice hot dip into the thermal pool and a good Dinner at the local Pub.

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