2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
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2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Okay these dates moved a lot in discussion but looks good for most members present

Where you ask?

some ideas are welcome we did have some options discussed and will be finalised next meeting Big Grin
11-09-2019, 08:06 PM,
2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
9 and 10 November is the date. Looking at Jimna base camp.

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RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Hi Everyone.
The location for this years club Christmas gathering is Jimna Base Camp on the 9th and 10th of November.
Meeting point on Saturday is the Twin BP's at Morayfield.
Meeting time 7.30am for an 8.00am leave.
UHF channel 58.
I emailed Pete at Jimna Base Camp and he replied with the following basic information:

General camping fees:



$12.00 per adult/ per night

Children (up to 12yrs)

$  7.00 per child/ per night

Children (under 3 yrs)              


Small fire pit                            

Complimentary (due to availability).




Large fire pit with firewood          

$120 for trailer-load.

Bags of firewood for small fire pits

$12.00 per large bag.

Party ice – 5kg bag

$  5.00 each.


With camping, everyone has access to:

·         A 2-acre, flat level oval with a cricket pitch and small fire pits for use.

·         Hot showers, flush toilets, paper towels and hand wash in the amenity blocks.

·         Use of undercover area, (beneath the Recreation Building), with power points, tables and chairs, basic camp kitchen, wash-up gear, 2 BBQs, fridges and town water.

·         The multi-purpose court with tennis/basketball gear available.

·          The children's playground and sandpit with toys.

When you have a better idea regarding numbers, please let us know how many, also reconfirm the dates, and we'll book you in!  We will then send you the bank account details for pre-payments of sites and to secure your booking.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Pete & Marianne

Jimna Base Camp

Mobile:  0417 756 876

Email:    stay@jimnabasecamp.com.au
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimnabasecamp.com.au

As usual, the club will be looking to put on a nice dinner on the Saturday night and most likely breakfast on Sunday morning too.

Let us know preferably by the October club meeting (or even at the meeting) if you are able to attend so we can give an indication to Pete at Jimna base camp of vehicle numbers to firm up a booking and also so we can plan numbers for catering.

I have some personal friends that live at Jimna who have agreed (if they are around at the time) to take us on a guided tour of some of the local 4wd tracks including some tougher tracks apparently for those who want a bit of a challenge.  Big Grin  Even if they are not around they said they could leave some detailed directions on where to find these tracks.

This should be a great weekend getaway so will look forward to seeing a few of you there!

18-10-2019, 07:26 AM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Hi Everyone.
Received some more information from Pete at Jimna Base Camp, see below:

Hi Kris & the Rivercity 4WD Club,
Great to hear from you again.  We have already got your 4WD club “pencilled in” for the night of 9th November and checking out on 10th November, so you’re all good as far as booking for the club, as such.
Members are able to pay for bookings on arrival, as we now have an EFTPOS facility set up and cash is also good, too. 
As far as having an area to yourselves, how it’s worked with past groups is that the first member turns up, they pick a suitable spot for the group and then it grows from there.  There is 2.5 acres of the old school oval to choose from, so there is heaps of room for everyone.
We have made the Base Camp a “dog friendly” campgrounds.  The general rules apply, as with any area shared with the public  These are:  1.  Please keep them on a leash whilst on the campgrounds and 2. Please clean up after any “doggy doos” and leave no trace behind.
BBQs:  There are 2 gas BBQs, side-by-side.  Both have a grill and a hotplate.  We used them last week to cook up a breakfast for the campers that were staying here, and that worked really well.  We are sure they will be sufficient for both your dinners and breakfasts.
The large fire pit can most certainly be used.  If you wanted to bring your own firewood, that’s fine, too.  If you prefer to have a trailer load of wood delivered to the site, it is normally $125 and that usually lasts through the night.  Good for toasting marshmallows and keeping warm!
30-10-2019, 01:33 PM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Hi folks - Margaret and I are taking our van again - and will travel there Friday afternoon - and hopefully set up in a spot where others coming will be happy to camp.  I've confirmed this with the hosts and will pay on arrival.  Cheers, Pop.
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RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Thank you Merv, will look forward to seeing you there!  Big Grin

Currently we have the following members that have advised they will attend this gathering:
Merv and Margaret - Friday
Kris and Elizabeth - Saturday
Paul and Connor - Saturday
Rick - Saturday
Peter and Barbera +1 - Saturday
Clint and Tanya + 2 - Friday
Jason and Jennie - Friday
Peter H + 2? - Saturday
Peter Richens - maybe, pending roster advice early November.
31-10-2019, 09:31 PM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Hi Guys,
Clint , Tanya and the 2 boys are going up Friday
As Jason cant seem to get on the forum him and Jennie will be up Friday with me.
31-10-2019, 09:31 PM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
I would like to attend with a couple of the kids (don't know which ones yet) arriving Saturday.
08-11-2019, 02:06 PM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend

I will be attending but not camping as I am working Sunday Morning at 6am..
See you all up there..

I may have the Banner so will bring what I can find.
10-11-2019, 07:02 PM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Fire Fire Fire

My son was attending the fire at Jimna for Qld National Parks and said the whole town got evacutated early on Cool

I guess all you campers did too Angel

Was contemplating coming up for the day after our Open house for a visit but the state of the fires changed my mind Huh

Hope all went well and plan B was a knock out Big Grin
11-11-2019, 08:09 AM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Congratulations to Kris and Elizabeth for organising the food and cooking facilities, after the Jimna site was evacuated.

Thanks also to Clint, for getting us set up at Sandy Creek Camp - which worked at well, especially arriving after sunset on Friday evening.

Margaret and i had first hand experience of being asked to evacuate - as we had arrived at Jimna and been welcomed by Pete at about 2.45 pm. Pete said they had been warned that they may have to evacuate, but the wind had changed and all seemed O.K. - so we started setting up the van on the oval.  Not long after, a helicopter landed and suggested we may have to leave, as numerous fire trucks were heading past towards Landcruiser Park. 

We then had a call from son Peter, who said that Clint and friends had been turned back by police.

-and then a guy fro Emergency Services arrived and said "Please leave now - and quickly"  + plus a local policement saw us on the way out and asked if we were with the 4WD group - and said the road back to Kilcoy was quite safe.

We met up with Clint halfway back to Kilcoy and then travelled with them looking for alternative sites, before ending up at Sandy Creek in the dark.

All worked out well in the end - and a good weekend enjoyed by all,



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RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend
Thank you for that little trip report Merv. Shy
Yes, after receiving a call from Clint at around 3.30pm Friday afternoon to say that they just been turned away from Jimna by the police and that the town was being evacuated due to the bushfires, the afternoon then became a mad scramble to find an alternative location to hold the gathering.
As I was still busy at work at the time, my thanks go out to Clint, Merv and my wife for jumping on the case to find a suitable alternative. In the end the location settled on was Sandy Creek Campin'. Situated around midway and North between Kilcoy and Woodford, the place offered approx. 530 acres and some nice camp grounds.
Jimna base camp had all the BBQ's and cooking equipment that we would have needed for our Christmas feast, however the new location did not have any facilities other than some toilets and showers.
So again, it was a bit of mad scramble for my wife and I on Friday night to organise the club BBQ, our own 4 burner hooded BBQ (which required a fair amount of cleaning, having not been used in some time Confused ) plus our trailer to transport it all in and be ready to leave Saturday morning. Twas' a late night...
However we got it all sorted and enjoyed some drinks, a selection of steak / chicken / sausages / salads, good company and laughs on Saturday night, along some with some very nice cheese cakes kindly donated by the Prior family. Big Grin
Sunday morning (after a few weary souls roused themselves from slumber, mainly me! Tongue ) some breakfast of bacon and egg muffins with hash browns was cooked up and by midday everyone was packed up and ready to hit the road back home.
Thank you to Clint for assisting with the cooking of dinner on Saturday night and to Chevonne for assisting with the cooking of breakfast on Sunday morning. Your help was appreciated.
All in all a good turnout and nice trip away and a new camping option to add the list of getaway locations. Cool

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13-11-2019, 12:49 AM,
RE: 2019 9-10 November XMAS camping weekend

I have to say on Friday it was not looking good for us actually camping and with Mum and Dad in the midst of the fires I was getting a tad nervous for there and other travelers well being but fortunately all worked out well.

I must thank all involved in organising the event and all that attended - we are only a small group and all the help each person gives is noticed - if not recognised at the time.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I had to make a very quick visit departing close to 9pm so I could be home ready for work 6am Sunday morning :-(

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